Flying without wings

The “Canyon” and the “Blue Hole”, two lovely dives only a taxi ride way from Dahab. Well when I say taxi, I mean a mad dash to the dive area in a 4X4 pick up with questionable driver skills and little or no MOT. It DID have indicators, well something made a noise when we turned corners!!!! So we ended up at the first dive site. The Canyon, is a rent n the sea floor that disappears down to about 60-70 meters (I think) but its the free fall into the thing that gets me!

The blue hole, well it has the reputation of being the most dangerous dive sight in the world! To be honest, yes there are a few divers that never came back up, and yes they have been seen knocking on Davy Joneses locker door, but the truth is, they are divers who should know better. Instructors or dive masters or tech guys, all being drawn to the illusion arch 55 meters down that leads from the blue hole into the sea. Now the blue hole is just that! A hole that is blue. You can’t see the bottom and the only people in the middle are free divers, now these guys are mental to say the lest. I me a girl from South Africa going for the national record. 55meters down on ONE breath. I couldn’t do that with one tank strapped to my back!!!!!!

It’s the entrance to the blue hole that makes you go “Wow”, about 250 meters away from the actual hole is a place called “El Bells” it’s a 40 meter drop through a chimney type formation with a swim through at the end, so you come up and out along the reef wall. I wounded why they call it the bells until I followed a couple of divers down!!!!! They clanged off the sides of the chimney dinging their air tanks from side to side, the noise was pretty cool!!!!

Lots and lots of dives done, a few people certified through myself to become PADI divers and now I’m off to Cairo to get my eyes scraped so I don’t need contacts or glasses again. I couldn’t have picked a stupider time actually, you see on the 30th of this month the people on Cairo are planning mass demonstrations for the removal of the government, a government that they didn’t want, but they didn’t get off their backsides to vote, so no reason I suppose. The fact that the clinic I’m going too, and the hotel I’m staying In is slap bang in the middle of the demonstration zone Tahrir square. Bugger!!!!! So I’ll be blind for a day or two and the protestors will have to help me across the road like a little old man.

Anyway, if I do return from my trek int the abyss, I’ll be sure to inform you. I’ll try to get some pics of the pyramids and stuff (I was going to say shit, but that wouldn’t have done the old pile of rocks much justice. So I’m at Sharm airport waiting for my delayed flight (there’s a start) catch you later ……..I hope. (To everyone I know)






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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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