Tomorrows just another day

It seems that the last couple of weeks have flown by for the Instructors Development Course (IDC) candidates. I’ve been out in the salty sea helping (and videoing) them, showing them the video (or SD card) and letting them criticising themselves! Oh there was a lot of criticising!!!!!!! But the training has now ended and the actual business of proving to the examiner what has been ingested into the minds has begun.. A few weeks ago it was my turn, and I proved that most of it had fallen out my head, but I passed it anyway. So these guys have a lot more chance of passing everything 😉

I think I’ve told you about my three Ozzies and the open watercourse, f I haven’t, then I have taught three young Australians there Open Water PADI tickets! So now i look at video of all dives I’m doing. I originated the idea for Cyprus dives, swim the entire dive taking video with the Go-Pro then editing it down to 5 minutes (with music of course) and there you have a flavour of what the diver should expect when they descend!!!!.

I’ve dived in my new shorty wetsuit too (everyone thought I was going to freeze, but I’m a Geordie and we don’t feel the cold (go to any northern town on any weekend in winter and you will see the girls in short skirts and the guys in “T” shirts) I’ve been sober too, (a couple of times in the last three weeks) so I must give my kidneys a rest (the problem is,I have found RUM) I love being a pirate..

Guys it’s been a blast in this past, and I would like to sure a couple of pics from under the water. I’m desperately trying to embed video in these missives, but I’m not doing a good job (yet)

To you all xx20130607-164115.jpg20130607-164255.jpg20130607-164430.jpg



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