I remember every little thing as if it only happened yesterday

So, that’s my honeymoon over, and ill be starting to latch onto courses going on at RSR, to to be confused with RTR although both DO use tanks, but RTRs are bigger and shoot stuff from their barrels. I’ve helped on a rescue course and nearly been drowned twice, I don’t count the time I nearly actually drown as my throat was squeezed and I was ducked UNDER the water in an attempt to try and save me. Nor the time the rescuer had a perfect seal on the face mask and let a load of seawater in so all I could breath was the salty red. No no, we don’t count them as if I had shown ANY panic, the rescuer would have failed. I don’t like to see people fail, but I should really think of my own safety now and then.

I actually started this chapter about a week and a half ago, if not longer, and so much stuff has happened since then! I don’t know where we left off, but my Bedouin place has gone the way of the dodo as I went in one morning and found bikinis, clothes, money and bags on my bed. I knew it was the crack head manager of the camp straight away, so I packed my kit and skiddadled out of there. Her excuse was that it was the only place she could get to sleep! (She could have stayed there until I got in at least.then sleeping wouldn’t be a problem)

I’ve taken out guided dives now I have been shown (albeit once) the dive sites around here. I did make one up myself, but the paying customers were brilliant. All, they wanted to do was take photographs and swim slow. No dramas there. I did however have dramas with another set of divers. Now some of them are good, some of them say they are good, and some of them think they are good. Well this one decided to disappear to the surface dragging another poor unsuspecting diver with her. I’ve been told you never forget your first customers. And it s true. I could NEVER forget them.

I’ve been helping another guy out on his Dive Master Course for a bit now and we have gotten a few dives under our belts. He needs 100, I need another log book, but the cool thing is I have watched a Sea Turtle graze on the seabed, absolutely amazing graceful creature. I didn’t have me camera, but I couldn’t care less, I saw it, it’s the first time for me so big smiles all round.

Other things, I’ve had a drink or two, I’ve had gorgeous food, I’ve had some sun, I’ve had the shits, I’ve stopped myself getting into my wetsuit today because I WILL fill it with brown water (not nice) oh, I’m looking at an apartment tomorrow, supposed to be one of the best in town, well we will see. I looked at one the other day and decided that the need for a roof outweighed the need for a fire pit!!!!

So I sit here now, having talked at length with a few people from my memories and smile (ill move around a bit as I’m about to run off to the toilet to sit there for a bit next) things are looking good in Dahab, I have a few visitors planned for diving, I have a mate or two coming for holidays and I’m watching the world go by.

For all those I truly love (or at least like) around the world this goes out to you x





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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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