Drowning in Berlin

Not quite Germany (although it seems half of the fatherland is here) Polish, Germans, Russians just about every Eastern Block country has a presence. And ALL seem to be doing their IDC. I haven’t posted for the last coup,e of days because of the course (not the intensity, but the content) seven o’clock finishes then homework then other stuff, then there is the drinking of the beer and the watching of the films at night too. It’s just a minefield of things to do!!!!!

My first dip of the toe on the “Open Water” training exercise, (really that’s just the sea to you and me) I fragrantly contravened three of the PADI codes of practice and could have possibly killed all four of my students, not bad for a first attempt 🙂 the day couldn’t have started any worse, but as I always do, I just carry on with a smile. (Been to the edge, looked over onto the abyss and didn’t quite like what I seen, so I won’t be doing that again) <<<<<Metaphorical!! And as it was, the day got better. A few lectures then a mock exam.

The exam was of the sort where I really thought, if you get a single question wrong, you have failed. As it was, I got two wrong and I didn't fail, it's like the other exams we are doing to do, 75% pass rate, oh how joyous. Now all I have to do is sort me physics out, I'm absolute dog w#%k at this diving physics malarkey. Me, a Mechanical Engineer who taught physics to a boat load of prepubescent teenagers on a power kick from the Croydon 'Riots' (I use that term loosely as it was just an excuse to get a new pair of trainers) I just can't understand……anything really! Try it, look at Boyle's law or Dalton's law, for me it's Sod's law. But ill try and try again.

Anyway, it's back to the classroom for the whole day doing "Emergency First Response" and stuff, so with a bowl of Alpen down my grinner and a rather large instruction manual in my bag, I'm going to strut those lights fandango and copy my way through this.

To, well, everyone really x






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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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