Sup up your beer and forget your fags

It’s started, the instructors Development Course (IDC) has started, and to be brutally honest, I can’t see what the fuss is! Ok ill be putting up some photos of me cringing, panicking, worrying but actually I’m not. There is NO difference to any military course I’ve done in the last 15 years and certainly nothing even half as difficult as getting science across to 30 prepubescent teenagers who really don’t want to learn. Ok so if you have never been in that environment before I suppose it could be “Intense” (That seems to be the buzz word) all the instructors are brilliant. Obviously they want us to pass therefore they are falling over themselves to get us the best marks they can (and I have no problem with that either)

We had lessons to prep last night, it did make me chuckle as the lesson is about one answer our theoretical students got wrong on a knowledge review. Now I know I only did it for a term, but I remember looking at the next days lessons at Oasis Academy and thinking ‘WTF?’ Then found it wasn’t as daunting as I first envisaged. Then I left!!! No irony at all I really wanted to teach and now I’m learning the American way 🙂 anyway, the lesson was prepped last night after a beer, and some more squid. Contact was mate with my sister, my father and a few friends on face book (even though the Internet was slower than a glacier) so all was good. I’m supposed to be breakfasting with another student today but I fear he burned the midnight oil last night and is still asleep (bloody officers)

Today we are back in the water (which is a nuisance really as it’s a cold day today (well when I say cold I do mean mid twenties)) we have to prove we know stuff like taking our masks off and getting rid of the water from them when we put them back on (I hate that one and the swimmy one without my mask, because I can guarantee ill lose a proxy contact lens) but we have to do it, and I can’t do the swimmy with me eyes closed, I just disappear off on a tangent (a bit like I do sometimes on here) I’m hoping the other guys are up for it as much as I am, the American staff instructor dude that has been assigned to me seems cool (albeit a little too much like Rambo in the body profile sort of way) ill look a little fat dumpling in me wetsuit while he looks like Kal El) think about it!

To everyone I really give a shit about ( that’s practically everyone I’ve ever met)






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