No Easter eggs here!

Easter Sunday was started with a huge sigh, a good sigh, a very happy and chuffed to bits sigh that I’m in a beautiful place (one thing missing but never mind, perfection is hard to achieve) walking out the room to the roof top bar area (from last nights escapades) you get an instantaneous view of the Red Sea, and this morning it was tranquil (Pics on FB) the glass smoothness his the beauty of what lay underneath for the first time divers. (I’m an old hat at this paradise malarkey now) with my strange breakfast now consumed (I must ask what the green stuff is) I headed out to get my dive kit from the store.

An hour later, myself and Chris (after wondering what’s going on) entered the water. My go-pro on my head, we shuffled out to the reef (I haven’t seen the video yet, but I’m hoping it does justice to the area) my plan was to lead to 10 meters and stay there until the reef came into view, then down a bit to a max of 15 meters. The sea be a cruel mistress. I found myself (in a matter of seconds) down to 18 meters and being pushed toward the coral!!!! Oops! Not to worry, ill just swim up, well the sea wanted me as much as I wanted her and I found myself kicking up and going down!!! Strange occurrence, but now I know Dahab reefs eccentricities. Currents aren’t just for wedding and Christmas cakes. Didn’t worry, just thought, this is going to be a chore. As it turned out, I clean forgot about that episode until I got to writing about it 🙂

Out the water, into a dive shop and a headband purchased! Red of course to match everything else I own for diving!!! Back in with me buddy Chris and practice makes perfect. When I took my SCUBA unit off underwater, I was looking good, until I started slipping down the bloody slope, all I could do was wave goodbye to Chris as he watched me slip away into the depths (well when I say depths I mean about 8 meters from 5. Looking at it realistically, I must have looked think. Never mind, the rest of the dive went okay for the skills we were asked to practice, just getting the teaching part right that’s all.

Now I sit just had something to eat and a cold coke watching the people go by beneath me. I know there is a work load later on with reading, doing guessing and writing. (And the friggin course hasn’t started yet) got a couple of bills too:( but not as much as I thought they would be. All in all I’m investing in my future as a Diving Instructor, so not one penny is being wasted……lots of them, not one!

Anyway, have fun and enjoy what you do x




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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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