Crushed Asians! Or crustaceans

I thought that word was only available to use on the Zenobia!!!! But to be onset, that word just cannot do justice to this place for diving. I need the camera up and running as soon as possible. TWO dives this morning, both on the reef (and when I say reef, I mean CORAL REEF) just as you see on the National Geographic channel. On my face book page I said I would marry the reef, well I would, I actually swooned at the variety of coral AND swimmy things. Not one or two different species, but literally hundreds of fish of hundreds of species (yes I’m not exaggerating) I thought the fact that I nearly stood on Mrs Puff yesterday (c’mon, you know who she is from Sponge Bob) was amazing, but I shall have to stop waxing lyrical about what I did today.

Anyway, another difference from Cyprus are the dogs, you really didn’t see many of them on the island running around, this place is full of them, I must admit they do all look like they are from the same genus (and not just canine, but actually from the same litter) again loads of them, but they are as friendly as the locals and just as cute !!!!!!!!!!! The food once again smells lovely (probably normal everyday fare, but with a Egyptian slant (well spicy balls of stuff anyway)) breakfast here is a strange affaire indeed, you have the aforementioned spicy balls of stuff, with small cut spicy sausages, potato cubes and roasted courgette (I think) cheeses of a selection (well 2) and cucumber, actually pretty much everything you don’t normally associate with breakfast!!

The plan for tonight is to have a look around the local area (again) and actually get something to eat this time, I found an ATM and thought I would withdraw 100 something’s, the something’s happened to be Egyptian pounds and not really knowing the exchange rate, I quickly slipped the note in me pocket. I later bought a beef burger (?) and thin tin of coke….. Cost me 35 Egyptians. Now that’s either an expensive meal deal, or the currency is worth squat. It WAS a nice burger though.

I’m hoping I can get the camera out for my next flurry into the coral fields and will jus sit there for as long as I can before either the memory on me card runs out, or me air (I do hope the memory dies first) so it’s going to be a challenge to get the film onto here (iPad mini) upload to you tube then do something to it in me blog, but ill get some pictures at least

For all (and I mean all)






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