Oh when I look at the stars across the moon

Okay, it’s my first day here. I was rather peeved last night as the room I had was file with snorers and people who leave windows open. So, making a deal with the hotel guys, I am now ensconced in my own room (it’s a dream) with the princely sum of €23 a night, ill be staying there a while as my corse goes on. Talking of corise, I got a couple of dives in today. My very first time under the sea anywhere else than the med, and ill tell you now it was fantastic.

As I walked in, my instructor told me there was a slope, fuck me it was a 1:1, slope? It was a ski run and it went in forever, but how beautiful? Corals (never seen them before) were everywhere, and this is just the bank that the new divers learn on. Within seconds of descending, I hd to avoid a Puffer Fish that was the size of my foot, with a BIG boot on.seconds I tell you. As the dive went on, I realised I was having trouble with trying not to look a twat, (didn't try hard enough I suppose)

Obviously, the day drew to a close and I gave meself a shower and wandered down the seafront area. My nostrils were affronted with a myriad of smells coming from every corner telling me the range of food was immense. Obviously I was stopped every few yards and asked if I would like to try the food, or look in the shops. Once I had said no thanks, I was wished a good evening, (just an acknowledgement is all the want) many differing cultures hang around this place, modern Egyptians, Bedouin, European, hippies and now an ex soldier turned teacher turned diver. I hope the pictures give some idea of the wealth of slackers there are out here, and no one cares.

Too everyone who cares, (I thank you all)



Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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