I didn’t quite make it to Larnaka today. A phone call to the bus station (National and Express intercity bus) said he could pick me up in the morning. I asked what time the bus ran and he simply said, “What time do you want to be picked up?” I didn’t honk I heard him properly, so I asked what he meant. did I feel stupid when he asked again,, I said “Ooh about nine”, “No problem”, he said, “Where do you live?” This guy is going to bring his bus up to my apartment (well Pambis Diner) and pick me up there. How cool is that? I must admit, once I’m actually at the airport, ill pass judgment on his time keeping. Also a quick chat with the post office staff ensured me that it will be ok to ship my electronic good in the morning 0800, so I will rias early, take the parcel then be back for th e transport. (I hope)

I must admit, I’ve spent most of my day wasting my time really, I suppose downloading a movie for tonight was the hight of things. I did manage however to get myself registered with the Divers Access Network (DAN) AND get some insurance for the year ( a bit of worry gone from my mind there) I can’t really print the stuff off so I guess I have to keep my IPad Mini with me. That was actually the plan. This bit of kit and me camera. (I’m really hoping that I can get a lead from the airport that will allow me to download my pictures straight onto here). My Mac Air will be winging its way to my sisters as well as my big iPad and my phone. All leads and accessories too. I’m not cutting myself off from the world, I’m just limiting my losses.

As I sit here contemplating my time in Cyprus, I think of all the chances of things I’ve wasted or ignored. Life here is actually quite cool (if you get the right mix of people) I’m not really a holiday maker lover, most of them are as loud and obnoxious as they are back at home (wherever that is) so the idea that the next ones ill deal with will have snorkels or regulators in their mouths and can’t really talk is a good thought. I’ve had a demo course of Rosetta Stone and it will be pretty cool to learn in that way (it’s quite easy really) so now I must decide what language to study.

Well my next missive will be from another country (it SHOULD be Egypt) if its not, the plane has been taken over and I’m in the wrong place.

To all my family and real friends everywhere. (RIP Skip)





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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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