Words of violence break the silence……

Back to the song snippets now I suppose 🙂

I sit here in a little corner of Paphos, just on the corner actually, in the cafe I boycotted last year. The staff are the same, the food is the same but at least I can watch the world go by here. Watching the world go by was (and is) something I’m becoming used to, but not for long. I will be getting off me big fat carcass and DO stuff soon. But for now, I’m walking, talking, watching and listening to life in the (semi) fast lane. Even the action of getting something printed off took the best part of 20 minutes. (I think the catch up period of technology has been mothered by the gfact that Cyprus is just bout skint and can’t really py for the Internet services it supplied at one time) yes a network WAS required for the printing, but wasn’t available for some time.

Anyway, I now have a copy of what I needed, I had to email it to another computer, then download it onto a stick, then upload it back into the correct format then show the stick to the printer!!!!!!! Got it.so now I sit having just watched a load of old men on Harley Davidsons have a lovely cream tea then set off on a journey to wherever. I’ve seen these guys before and they all seem like a nice lot. Unfortunately if you arnt Cypriot, or own a car, nice people and nice bikes mean bugger all. They were pulling away from the cafe when a totally unimpressed old Cypriot guy cut everyone of them up, ignoring the fact that they were riding in formation, this old git just didn’t care. (I can just about understand as his car was the base model for the model T)

Thinking I may need a little money, the thought of going for a long walk to the bank livened my feet up (we need a break from running) so off I wanted with my trusty back pack (I feel like Dora the Explorer) except my magic map only works when I’m somewhere usefu! Slotting my lovely shiny card in the hole in the wall, it was immediately regurgitated as a Spratt in a gull. I tried again (why would ANYONE do that) nothing, back at me!!!! Another card, (the tumblers went tumbling) Spat that out too. It was then I remembered that CYPRUS IS SKINT and the banks are closed until Monday. All the money’s gone. (Why’s the money gone) so I tempted fate and wobbled up to the supermarket. Free cash withdrawals there…..AND money. At least I can pay for me coffee now.

So obnoxious old Cypriot drivers, banks that have NOTHING in there vaults, and sausage egg and chips for a second time in a week. My hairs getting longer and my belly is getting smaller and that’s only got to be a good thing. Well tha

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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