Handbags and Gladrags

Now i really can’t remember if I have called one of my posts this before, but if I have, ill apologise profusely. Today saw the return of the long walk for me. I started after sending some e-mithers and making some phone calls to rather nice and efficient people donning my back pack full of electronic kit. (For no other reason than I couldn’t be bothered to go back to the flat and put the stuff away and put them on charge.) I left Panis Cafe (hey its just around the corner form my gaff and its got WIFI. so a coffee in there every morning)


The walk itself hasn’t changed much, the new furniture and reclaimed lounge areas are growing, but all in all its just getting itself ready for the tourists that should appear in the next couple of weeks. Of course there are many foreigners here already but really old ones, and when i say old, i mean the smell of alcohol and suntan cream has been overshadowed by the smell of Ralgex and lavender oils. Their skins aren’t  so much tanned as weathered. You have more chance of being accosted by a scouse octogenarian asking for directions to the nearest chemist for laxatives (because he’s all bunged up from the plane) than you have of getting ruffed up by a “Yoof “Strolling back via the marina i was greeted by hellos from many a local restauranteur  touting for any trade he (or she) could get. cabbage soup and a lovely ‘Cream Tea” won’t make them rich, but it keeps them ticking i suppose, but from the looks of some of the white un-suntanned people (younger than pension age) things will start to look up. 


i now have my lens (red) for the underwater, use of (nice bit of Army logic there) so all i have to do now is cut the lens cap housing, file it down (to a tolerance of “Just Fits”) then find someway of gluing it in with a substance that will withstand water….lots  of it,  of course i have loads of time for that, the optician who cut the lens suggested making the smallest hole in the world, then slowly filing it down and out (may take an hour he said, may take two days and a new lens cap i thought) but ill give it a crack, whats the worst that can happen?


Back from my travels around town and I’m now sitting back in the WIFI bar with a coke, yes just a coke waiting for my sister to get on line so i can talk to me dad, he will freak, all this technology at work. He owns enough computer stuff to have a gauge knowledge of IT, but hasn’t actually used it for anything else other than doing some stuff with old video. Oh well, ill just see the expression on his grinner when he switches on (if he knows where the button is)


For all my family and friends (all over the world and the info-pacific ocean) i love you all xx

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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