Recession, Depression oh hell what a lesson

Today sees the return of the windy weather in Paphos, when i say windy, i was expecting to see a piglet in a stripy baby grow walking trotter in hoof with a manic depressive donkey sporting a pinned on tail (think about it) 


Taking a walk along the front, the waves were truly epic, the only problem was that i missed all the big ones because i was always too late getting the bloody camera ready. (if i had me big badger, i would have been sorted) anyway, when the sea is coming across the road onto the pathway on the other side and hitting my feet while i quaffed coffee, then you know its good. The seabed sort of rests on the road now (impressive to say he least) 


Obviously the local authorities were out trying to clean the place up, but with every pass of the road sweeper, another wave brought more rocks to the party. The sun is shining and the contrast between the yellow ball of fire in the sky and the big blue/ green wobbly thing out off the coast is intriguing to say the least. it is hot, yet stormy (without the clouds) just another day in Cyprus.


Sitting writing this, my thoughts turn to the news that seems to be emanating from EVERY ex pat in the Universal, apparently the Cypriot banks have decided to act. If you have over €100,000 in the bank here, they have just skimmed 10% from your account, anything up to that they have taken a less prominent 6.7%. ALL the expat talk is of this atrocity, but the local cypriots are smiling wryly because it is happening to everyone, and the rich ors don’t mind too much if it helps the economy. In any regards, OUR argument is, why have that much money in the bank anyway? why not spend it on stuff, i just had an argument with an expat on this subject, he was crying that he saved his money for retirement over here (obvious to avoid tax in the UK) now he has been caught by the recession too, and isn’t happy. I did laugh. 


have a lovely day wherever you are  people (Too all my family and friends wherever you are)

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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