Another day in paradise

Day two on the big brother island. Now i decide to get to the dive centre early as i had tad the guys i was back, so lets see them all again as soon as i can. The alarm heralded the new dawn and i washed and poke my eye out trying to put my contact lens in (Good start) walking the route to the centre from my new place (about a hop skip and a jump from my old place) i made it in good time, in fact the time was that good that no one was there. i looked at me watch and found it to be eight thirty in the morning. why was it not open? so i strolled around and decided on a breakfast. Now the place i picked was one from last year who really wound me up, “Tea for Two”, same old waiter  but the look of recognition flash over his face and he smiled a warm smile of someone he knew.


To be honest, it was the same all the way down the seafront, all the old faces from last year still hanging around saying hello and commenting on the long golden locks i am sporting these days. Well breakfast sorted, my usual poached eggs on toast with a coffee. i meandered down the road back to the dive centre. Still no one around so i looked at the rear, there was Mark and Mick cleaning cars. (nothing changes there then) a banter later added with a cup of coffee and i found myself involved in cleaning the cars (how the hell did that happen?)


It felt good to be back in the fold again, the night before i had drinks with Caz and Jason to get back into the swing of things. Flat sorted and bags put away i went straight to Pambis Diner to get on line too.  i sure ill get some sort of internet where I’m living soon, i can’t keep coming back to the pub just to sit with a drink and talk to the world, i should be able to join them whenever i want (It will happen soon I’m sure) The amount of people here is shocking, it only seems like there are a few local kids wandering around (just like in the UK except they aren’t looking for trouble) The marina beckoned as usual and the guys and girls down there recognised me too, it really doesn’t seem two minutes since i left here. Rico, Mick, Mark, Kate and Helen, along with Julie and a quick look at Photos rounded my day off.


Nothing strange, unusual or odd seems to be happen around here……..yet! its still very early in the year and the tourists are thinking about coming here. The work is starting to form from tomorrow, i will (or should be) out three times and i just can’t wait (as long as a boat isn’t involved 😦  ) I will endeavour to get the Go Pro out and see if i can record the dive, if i can then ill either try to embed the video or ill get some stills from them so you can see what i see again.


For all my friends and family wherever you are xxxx

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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