Final Credits, Exit stage left.

Thats it, the end of my odyssey in Cyprus. I don’t want to post any last pictures (sorry) but i do want to go back over the last few months and remember what i have done, where i have been and who i have met. 

Coming over here was the brain child of my mate Jason and his lovely  wife Caz, He was an ex MTWO with 2RTR who retired out here last year and set up his own company ‘Fear Naught” (I’m chuffed to say that the business is going great for him and he looks like he is going to make it big here, i hope so) So i flew across for a bit of a two week holiday (those of you that seen my picture on FB of the day i flew will recall i wasn’t looking my freshest) and decided to stay. The apartment was easy to find so that was me sorted.

I worked in the searing heat for a while, cleaning pools and doing some handy work for Jason, loads of it around if you are good and your reputation gets known (thats why he has loads of work) i had a few parties, got drunk a bit and wrote about it. thens started to walk around the town taking happy snaps and putting them on here. Ex pats were everywhere and i got myself introduced to some real characters, Alan and his wife Pat, He has some great stories of his past and really needs to get them down on paper, Ian a painter who i did a couple of jobs with, Mick and his wife (now i know her name, and i feel horrible i can’t remember it right now, (sorry)) SUSAN, thats it i knew i knew it 🙂 Through the local eatery i met Christina, Betty, Peter, oh christ the list is endless, but i made friends with them all (its not hard really, just be yourself and don’t be a dick)

Through friends coming over for holidays i got into my diving.  If it wasn’t for Kim telling me to stay in the water when she got out, i wouldn’t have realised how much i liked it, so that how i started on my road to becoming a Dive Master, looking to get on a course sometime to complete my instructor ticket for PADI. during this time i met the dive staff at Cy-Dive, Photos (the owner) Julie, his wife, Mick, Mark, Kate, Gemma, Rafal, Akmed, MoMo, Arik, Pascaline, Prosper, Christina, Leanne, Maria ,Kinga, Jo, Laura, Rebecca  and some other trainees Molly, Adele and Helen. With this lot i got to meet some fantastic customers from around the world. 

My friends Anne, Kim, Gareth and Nikkie from the UK who stayed a while and seen first hand how relaxing and quiet this life really was. Sunny too, i can’t forget sunny. In the high season, it topped 60 degrees in direct sunlight and the air conditioning fans were NEVER off. Ive travelled the coast road up to Limossol many times to go to the mall, to have a look at the town (I didn’t like it really, i considered Paphos to be home) I traveled on excursions with my sister and brother in law, and got to take her snorkelling in the med around  a place called the ‘Roman Wall’ (only 4 meters deep, but my sister hasn’t done anything like that in her life. I even got her to don the SCUBA gear and do some skills underwater (Now that WAS funny) I got my brother in law a two tank dive and he really enjoyed diving on the wreck of the ‘Vera K’ (I’m not sure if he thought i would be a good ‘buddy’ or not, but i hoped i made him realise that i am now a professional diver and i do take my work seriously (Even though its tremendous fun as well)

I know my diary tailed off a bit but that was because of the constant training and dives, i was knackered when i got in and all i wanted to do was eat, watch a film and sleep. all i could have done really was to post pictures of my dives (If i had a camera with me) and not really write anything that hadn’t already been said. Im pleased in one respect that i did post a diary as i have now left memories and been viewed by many people around the world from many different countries. I suppose if you decide to write something, someone somewhere will be interested to see whats happening. Sadly this will be my last post, my life on the island was an adventure, but life goes on  I’m back to the cold cold UK today and i won’t be talking about what i do there as its just life in general. I have decided that the people i want to know about my life are the people i want to share it with. so there is no need to write it down. I will miss the fun parts here, ill miss the people, the friends, the places, the weather (Oh the weather) its time to move on.

For all my friends, family, and everyone really. (Make this the most viewed post by telling YOUR friends and family about it, (the pics that are in past posts rant to bad and there are a few funny stories in there)) Wherever you are in the world, Goodbye X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

One thought on “Final Credits, Exit stage left.

  1. We are really gonna miss you bud make sure you come back and see us, Best Wishes and Good Luck in all that you do Take Care mate xx Caz & Jay xx


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