It was a teenage wedding and the old folks wished them well.

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A truly brilliant day today with rain, thunder, lightning, explosions, flashes of luminescence, like the end of day in Cyprus. The rain has the consistency of syrup and the instantaneous cracks of thunder and lightning serves to remind us that we are not very big players in this universe at all. It started with me going out the door this morning only to find the first spots of thick globular rain splatting down on the balcony at the front. Immediately i remembered my clothes on the dryer out the back and had little choice but to save them fem the deluge that was about to user the delicate balance of suntan and suncream.

IMG 0917

No sooner had the wayward items been fetched from the line, the bloody rain stopped (No matter, they were all roughly dry and had been outside since yesterday anyway) so turning my attention to my attire, i decided to go for the ‘Semi Winter’ look, long trousers a polo shirt and a hoody (just for good measure you understand) My intention was to get out, leave my car in the hands of Mick and get back before any further Noahesque business carried on. Well i got the car away, and a brief walk down the harbour heralded the thought that i really should quicken my step as the inky skies loomed ominous.

IMG 0918

Passing by the post office, i was enticed in by the many coloured boxes of various sizes informing me that i could (if i wanted) send a shed pad of kit home via that route, thus leaving me more space for myself on the plane, and less crap to cart around London. So, big yellow boxes acquired, (Less than €5 for the pair) i hurried along the remaining route to my flat. The rain started just as i got in through my front door (Blessings). My next step was to get my SCUBA kit from the bath and dry it off, hanging up, outside (You can see the flaw in that plan) but it IS SCUBA gear anyway, so it won’t harm it too much if it gets wet i suppose. So outside it went. The sun came out, I went out and the rain started again (Im beginning to hate this place) 

IMG 0956

Back into my gaff after sorting out a few things and i was happy enough to go and meet up with a mate or two. The Skies broiled with pendulous precipitation and the storm started from the south, from across some god awful sea. It was monstrous, absolutely fantastic. Like a mini war zone in the middle of town, levelling off to a mere trickle, i thought it was all over, but no, as i sat on my settee watching some dodgy shite on TV, the storm made a reappearance in a big way. I thought for a moment that the Gods had taken umbrage to me hanging my kit outside, So close a couple of lightning strikes were, with the immediate clap of thunder, it was (Again) fantastic. Only one pic of lightning, buts that all i need.

IMG 0945

For my friends and family (You now who you are) X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

One thought on “It was a teenage wedding and the old folks wished them well.

  1. That was a great read. Had it been a piece of English homework using describing words you would have got an A+. Love the way your details are coupled with sentences such as “some dodgy shite on TV” lol. My favourite blog yet 🙂



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