Sundown all around.Walking through the summer’s end

This was one of my moments.


Another tattoo sorted to go with my “Rose garden”, the words from one of my favourite groups Meatloaf!!!! The words “On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses” I thought that was pretty cool myself. Since I have an armful of bleedin roses and had a bit of space to play with. Anyway, one more should just about sort that sleeve right out!!,! I think!



With the passing of another week, I’ve had me sister and brother in law over for a bit of a holiday (not surprising really as the weather in Blighty is still pants) we did a bit of snorkelling (the shop festooning me with the appropriate gear) in the Med!!! Then some SCUBA in my pool. Ian (he’s a diver anyway) got his head around the stuff again, as he hasn’t been diving for a while he did pretty good. My sister the next afternoon did fantastic, having looked at me from the confines of her mask shaking her head at the thought of taking her regulator out. Bless her, she did it, and the second, third and fourth things required. She was all set for a real SCUBA adventure in the sea the next day. Unfortunately we went out on the fireworks boat and she fell ill (not with alcohol I must say, because she just didn’t drink a thing) I laughed because I thought It was sea sickness, it wasn’t, it was an inner ear infection, so that was her experience out the window. 


The boat was brilliant yet again and the fireworks were fantastic, so was the company. The next day we had a jeep safari booked and took off at 0930 for the troodos mountains, some waterfalls, some walks, a monastery, wine tasting and a plethora of other activities,(pics to follow). 

IMG 0670

IMG 0768

The dive day came and myself and Ian made our way down to the centre for the kit issue. All sorted and the boat was readied (Cydive 2) two groups with two instructors and I made myself available as a DM for the trip. (Double tank dive to the amphora caves and the wreck of the Vera k. Two lovely doves that Ian enjoyed (and that was all I wanted anyway, for him to have a good dive) all said and done it’s been an adventure holiday for them and I’m pleased they go home with with a smile and a few good memories.

IMG 0790

IMG 0772

Sorry it’s been a while to get finger to key, but I’ve been a busy boy and in the near future I’m going to be even more busy, but that will wait, as my odyssey continues around the globe.

IMG 0778

IMG 0791

For all my friends and family (wherever you claim to be) x

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