Dont you know we’ve come too far now, just to go and try to throw it all away.

Dont internet this one.

Today sees the second day of me being ill. Now i know that doesn’t sound too abhorrent, but the contents of my stomach, ejecting themselves from all exits in my body has been. I suppose if i were in the UK it would be fine because i would have my family and a doctor near by, Unfortunately, out here in the sun, i won’t have access to Adamson DNA until my sister gets here around the 16 of October. (I say Adamson DNA because any old partner can claim to be an Adamson, She’s the real deal (and an Ex nurse to boot))


Well thats enough self sympathy for the time being. My other days, when I’m not shitting through the eye of a needle have been rather special, some more tests passed for my Dive Master course (Ive got my five specialities now, so I’m officially a Master SCUBA diver) HURRAR!!, Organising a dive from start to finish isn’t that difficult actually, i thought it was going to be a mare, but in reality, I’ve been doing it for a while, getting kit together, sizing customers and making sure the stuff gets to the right place. Giving briefings isn’t that bad either (I should think not, I’ve been doing it for years). All my book work has been completed, final exam done (With a 96% pass) only a couple more exercises to do then its down to the Rose for a well earned mask full of lager.


My mapping project had to be completed in the ‘Prettiest’ way obviously (the purchase of coloured pencils mad my day along with a protractor and a lovely pencil sharpener (You see, its the little things that please)). All spangly and coloured (within the lines i may add) and that was that. The Emergency Action Plan was next, and lo and behold, i was given the shops one and told i could use that (The owner Photos has seen it and thinks its good) I took control of a dive the other day to a place called ‘The Amphitheatre’ , its a beautiful place (if you know how to navigate around it) I’ve been there twice, the first time was weeks ago when i was starting to learn how to dive, the second was three days ago when i was given the brief. Im pleased i had Mark there behind me giving me pointers on where to go, otherwise it could have been a lovely long swim.

IMG 0471

About five days ago i had my final dive for my Master SCUBA diver, this was (and could have been more brilliant if we had found it) a search, a real search, for a lost anchor. We anchored near the sight and i set up a circular search (Dont worry, its NOT technical) i hung a line from the surface and attached another so i could swim in a circle around the first line (You see not technical at all) as my search pattern expanded, it was obvious we weren’t going to find it, so after about 40 minutes we abandoned the search and headed home. Because of the lack of a find, i couldn’t be failed (Usually, they set out an object that you CAN find and lift to the surface) but we went back into shallower waters and i floated some blocks of concrete to the surface (Just for the experience) 

IMG 0517

All things equal, i should be finished my course in the next few days (My only concern is the flaming 400 meter swim with only me trunks, I’ve tried it before and i think I’ve told you that swimming is NOT my forte!!!) but it MUST be completed (If i take three days, i WILL finish it) A rescue dive and a couple more things for organisation and thats me. Ive asked the owner if he would keep me on in any sort of role until my contract/ Lease is up at the end of November, i think thats a yes!! so at the moment I’m happy, (Ill as F*ck, but happy) so this is just a brief catch up on whats happening out here with me. Ive only just heard too that my mates Jase and Cazz have been able to move into permanent workshops for their business. Now thats some great news and i should be catching up with them soon, i haven’t been able to get across the doors for work / course in a while and i should really double my efforts with my mates out here.


For my friends and family (wherever you may roam) X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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