Tea for two, two for tea. Me for you and you for me.

Not really a song title, but the name of the place I go for lunch to fill up on stodge and stuff. Poached eggs, crispy bacon on toast today….

This morning turned out to be a deep dive from another boat (Im getting used to them, or I’m realising the placebo effect works wonders). My deepest dive to date, I know it’s only 30 meters plus a Bit, but hey, that’s deep when you look up and can’t see much(except the bubbles escaping to freedom) it was also the first chance I’ve had to see a proper shoal of fish (again, I know it’s not much, but with well over a few hundred fish, it looked good) the dive went peacefully and happy (now I’m starting to worry that I’m enjoying this a little too much) and I returned to earth with plenty of air left to suck away. Another current at the top and flapping like a flag in the wind is becoming second nature.


(sorry, I’m just listening to a Geordie girl talk about her problems with her mates five tables down (I hate Cheryl Cole wannabes)) in fact I don’t care too much for the girl herself.


Anyway, I digress. Mick (the instructor) after the dive kindly asked me to pull the anchor in, not too difficult a task until you realise tht the seabed is 30 meters away, nd the current is sucking at the anchor line…..the ANCHOR lime. Five minutes after I started, all my strength had left me and my will to live was spiralling out of control. At least we were done and I could sit down nd start to breath again. Back at bas I was turned around so hick, my air tank ended t the front, no seriously I was asked to assist Adele on a mapping job of the Romney wall. That was an enjoyable 40 minutes just swimming and drawing (or in my case exploring) that’s the morning sorted, this aft noon I have a dive to the “Ampitheatre” I’ve Ben before nd it looked impressive, I hope I can get the camera again and sort out MORE pics to post both on here and on Flkr.


This afternoons dive was a laugh. We stepped in at the ‘Amphitheatre ‘ a beautiful place that has been carved from rock by the sea itself. If you stood in the middle (on a clear day with no idiot divers before hand kicking up the silt) you could swear it was something akin to the coliseum with seats all the way up in a bowl fashion. The dive was made up from two Israelis, a big Russian, a German couple and and Englishman named Simon. Well if the Russian wasn’t built like a house who couldn’t actually carry his own kit to the dive site because of his dodgy back. I laughed at this for a moment (until I realised it was going to be ME who helped him) Nuff said.


My Dive Master course proper starts tomorrow with a day of study in the classroom (gutted) so no dive stories for you lot. AND the pictures i was promised today will probably end up on tomorrows blog as they had trouble trying to get them off the main Femputer in the office, we will see how it goes. For now ill leave you to ponder life for a while.


For my friends AND family, wherever you may roam. X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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