Sun in your eyes, the heat is in your hair they seem to hate you because you’re there.

Beautiful song!

Okay, lets start by apologising for not getting my diary up to date recently but if i said i was actually knackered when i get in in the evenings, would you let me have that one? To be honest too, I’ve posted on WordPress a couple of times and haven’t been able to convert it to Face Ache pr Twatter (where they are usually posted) Right, thats my apology (sort of) for not blogging, but I’m sure in the next couple of months i will forget (or just fall asleep during the evening) to get something posted.


I was on a beautiful dive on Saturday but have not got the pics back yet from the computer in the dive shop. (Only because for the second time since being on the island, i forgot to take my camera with me) but ill have to wait to see how they turn out so i can put them up on here. Whats happened in the last couple of days? 


I was asked to help out on an evening bit of work on Thursday (Im not sure now, the days seem to just melt into one long light period) but it happened to be in a Russian Gym, It was a nice gym, it was a nice pool, it was the top friggin floor. The lift nay held a finite amount of kit, so several journeys made light work of that. albeit a long old walk from the car to the entrance with 8 loads of diving kit. The guys who turned up really enjoyed the lesson (I don’t know if anything came of it) but it showed me what sort of stuff the employees of the dive centre are asked to do (It wasn’t particularly hard or strenuous) so i saw no reason for anyone to whinge. (well apart from the part where we got back and were asks to get all the stuff disassembled and washed for the morning (we were going to leave it until the morning, but i can see the point of getting it all squared away the night before))


I have achieved my ‘Deep diver” certificate, the last dive for that was to take charge (Well, stay in a buddy pair) and bring all my practice into good use to show the instructor that I’m not a dick! (I think, I hope they can see that already) my many taskings so far have been to deploy a hang tank (In the beginning i was relying on these handy little bottles of life as I’m sure you are aware, i sucked in all the air at once) I have conducted a bearing out (at depth) done a 180 and made in back. I have observed what happens to stuff deep down (Now thats cool) and I’ve played with the fish) Ive weighed anchor tied off and helped locate genuine lost divers (Im really enjoying this 100%)


My only concern will be when I’m asked to swim 800 meters (Timed) and another 400 Meters (timed without fins) I can’t friggin swim that well!!!! The part where i tread water for 15 minutes isn’t too appealing either, (nor is the thought that the last two minutes are with the arms out the water) I did ask what the point of these exercises were as you would NEVER jump in without the appropriate equipment if there was other means of rescue, but i was told it was a requirement (Back to the Army way of thinking there i guess) Not to worry, I’m still hanging in there by a thread!!!!


IMG 0456

Tonight i have been to my most favourite place on the island to watch the sunset with a friend and a cappuccino, pictures should be good (But I’m no David Bailey) Yesterday i told the boss of the centre that i was having today off, at first he told me it would be beneficial to go in to get my dives up, but I told him that it was the only day i get to talk to my baby in England, and NOTHING will ever stop that. He relented, but to be honest, i think he is used to people doing as he says. (Bit of a bugger for him really, as he doesn’t employ me) so a lay in and a beach day for me!!!! I can’t believe on my only day off, i go friggin swimming in the salt.

IMG 0467

IMG 0473

I hope this has gone some way of saying I’m sorry for the lack of posts, but I DO appreciate everyone who reads them, i like to tell my story, and i love it when people read it (and respond) its good that i can get these experiences down in text and they will hang around the ether for ever.

IMG 0480

IMG 0522 

For my friends and family, wherever you may roam X

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