Well bugger me if I haven’t started fading! My suntan has gone from Michael Jordon, to Michael Barryimoor. I’m proper white (ish) but that will be down to me wearing a wetsuit all day, being underwater or in a classroom. Today we had a little more dive than we paid for!  It was supposed to last 40 minutes, but we were under 59 minutes thus causing the captain of the boat to become slightly piqued at our apparent cavalier attitude to drowning. (I will confirm now we were NEVER in that’s position) although I think we did get lost, and as it was a deep dive words were said (I’m pleased I’m only a student for the time being) we eventually surfaced and realise the boat had l st its anchor when he headed towards our illustrious DM in training. I wasn’t overtly bothered as I had more air than I could use and was only 5 meters from the surface (honestly, I don’t know why people panic)  ;0(



(Sorry I’ve lost a post from the other day I’m sure i did it, but i just can’t download it to Face Ache or Twatter) nope still can’t relocate it. Anyway. another swim this afternoon and everything seemed to go alright, You know, I’m really tired at the moment. I could wax lyrical about today and tell you how wonderful it was, and believe me, it was. I was happy under the sea swimming around mapping wrecks (justin case we want to go inside) I’m going to do that in the next couple of days on the Zanobia, a top ten wreck in the world just for us and I’ve been asked to take a diver or to inside (yup, thats scary)



As i said earlier, I’m starting to feel the effects of hard bloody work now, something i haven’t really had for ages and my eyes are telling me to get into bed and just snore (ITS 20:30 for crying out loud. ) ill put some pics up now and bid you all farewell. Tomorrow i will endeavour to be more forthcoming with the daily story of stupidity and stunning snaps! 




all my friends and family whoever you may roam X (Probably last nights blog is on the website, go and have a look)

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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