I get the same old dream same time every night

This takes me back YEARS!!!!

I know, another night with no blog update, but you must understand, I have recently acquired a raison d,être . That’s about all I’ll say on that one for the time being. Anyway, to my daily dose of death on the decks! Honestly, I’m told in the evening that I’m on a lovely dive, something that will not be too taxing on my delicate stomach, something that will not make me lose my frosties in the morning and make me wish I was dead. But no, oh no, I feel they have got a book running on wether I chandler or not each day, and how many times they can make me. IMG 0233

Today was NO exception. I was looking forward to a couple of hours out on the Roman wall with new swimmers, bobbing around in 5m of water. A two tank dive starting with a deep dive of 30m followed by a 25m an hour and a bit later. As the boat rocked to a halt at the first stop, my stomach flipped and did a little dance. My “frosties” still held their original form a when I last seen them go in, but amazingly enough, the sea sickness tablet I got from the dive centre was the first thing up! The dive went well, I did my bit as a helper/ bitch for Mick the dive master and enjoyed being down there (albeit my mask filled with seawater in the first second or so and I swallowed the med again before I had a chance to put my regulator in) but it was fair dinkums! (my fault) we surfaced after a long good swim and no sooner had i got back on the boat, my dinner from last night made a surprise appearance over the side. 


Now we weren’t allowed to dive again for another hour or so, and the boat rocked. My stomach rocked and again, I wanted to die. But the show goes on. Unfortunately one of he guys diving had had problems equalising (either blowing his nose to make his ears stop hurting, or swallowing air, just the same as you would on a plane) so he stopped up on the second dive. (He may have felt a little pain, but I wouldn’t stay inboard if my leg fell off and attracted the sharks) I wanted to be a fish. In I sploshed and away we went. Another great dive, there may not have been loads to see, but just the experience was priceless. Back on board again for the journey back to the port and the world was right again.


“you’re diving this afternoon” said Mick, well I didn’t know, but If I was with him, it was going to be cool.  Another walk to the harbour (In me new wetsuit) and a bigger boat awaited us. I firkin hate boats! We a English (a couple I ha dived with before) some Cypriots, German and one bloke was still regretting the fact he had only finished drinking at 4AM. The water chopped (oh it chopped) and I felt a little queazy on the way out (unusual as we were moving.) but the dive started with Mick going first, then four of our party then me. Well I was told to go in third and make sure people grabbed the safety rope (a current had developed and a line was required) I didn’t think I would be needed. TWICE I was needed. And down we went. 


The last dive in the morning was a straight drop, NO guide lines or anything, that was cool, but this one was the same as most of the rest. Down the anchor chain and up the anchor chain. Well that was the brief anyway. The swim developed as it would, the guy who had finished drinking at  4in the morning regretted it as he begged to come up because he felt sick. So after a long swim we surfaced, I laughed. On the ascent line a huge current ripped at you 5 metres down and flapped you like a flag. (I’ve told you about these before) this one ripped on of the guys masks off so he was only hanging on by one hand, I wrapped my legs around his tank and gripped him with my hand as he held onto his mask. My three minute safety stop with them and we were up. A we got on the boat, four guys were hanging over the sides dying. 


I was absolutely fine (I had eaten a crepe sussette for lunch in case I needed to throw something up) people in the other dive were coming up and I saw a diver about three hundred yards away who had surfaced and missed the line. Then another about two hundred yards away who had also missed the line. This was turning into a god damn Greek tragedy In all sense of the phrase. , I won’t go into blame or apportion anything to anyone, but our group were accounted for and safe. We went after the drifters who I kept eyes on all the way and eventually we had a full boat, and I didn’t lose a spitball let alone chandler the contents of lunch. 

IMG 0414

Today ha been brilliant, I may have fed the fish, but I enjoyed EVERY aspect of all the dives. Forget the sickness, I look cool in my new rig, and being complimented by the dive master and captain ha boosted my morale no end. Watch me die on Monday. Oh yes I have tomorrow off!!!!!

For all my friends and family whether you are X

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