We would be warm below the storm In our little hide away beneath the waves

Really easy tonight (and a short story as you’ll see why)


Not really being the sailor I am, I realised that the only reason you should eat a hearty meal before a boat journey, is so its easier (and less effort) to throw it all back up again when the sea becomes wobbly. Setting off in the morning I was under the illusion that it was only a five minute boat ride to our dive place, five minutes turned into forty five minutes along the coast in a boat no bigger than a bloody raft. My only cancellation was that over half the other divers decided to let go too (one in the water through his mask) now that was impressive. I even laughed as I was being sick at his plight.



Two dives in the morning today. The first one was only about half an hour, as I came up and back on the boat I fed the fish, the second (we changed tanks on the friggin thing and jumped in again) but before I set about being a fish, I projected my dinner from yesterday across the side of the dinghy.  The second lasted an hour (it would have been longer, but I told the Dive Master I needed to go up before I puked in my regulator) my saving grace was that the trainee Dive Master came up with me and puked. (it was a bad day in the med)



As I sit here in my ultra hot room (both patio doors open along with ALL my windows and other doors (even the fridge) it just won’t cool down. I wait for my mates Jason and Carolyn to get back and borrow their “ralgex/ Deep heat as I’m stiffening up in all the wrong places. Tomorrow ive been given a repeal as I’m on with the Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) students in the harbour (I think Photos has realised I’m not wimping out and will be sick on EVERY boat trip if it means I can become a DM.



Anyway, it’s late, I’m dying on my arse and I’m falling apart (why are the floor and walls moving in and out?) 



For my friends and family wherever you are X




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