We skipped the lights fandango, and turned cartwheels, cross the floor

I love this era.

I think I may have just had my first civilian blocking today, well chastisement really, not so much a telling off as more of a “you just didn’t listen you dick” type of affaire. This morning I prepped myself for the afternoon dive by watching the new episode of Dr Who, (I love YouTube) and eating a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes (they are nice,but I would rave about them as they do on the advert).I  had decided to clean the flat today too, but that idea went and left the door swinging in its wake. Relaxing in the heat, ‘visualising’ my afternoon dive, all was perfect. Then I got to the dive centre.



I arrived a little earlier (good soldier and all that) and had a. Chance to chill and get my kit squared away (back to the soldiery thing there) I did manage to get a snap o the Cydive crew as they rested after lunch!!!and waited for the other divers to arrive. Kate was the instructor for the day.this is when I found that the dive was a boat journey away. (lucky I took my brave pills last night) as the others turned up I realised it was going to be a pretty full boat. My visualisation wasn’t this,  as soon  as we anchored, I was in my kit like the flash. Helping my buddy into his,(I truly hoped he would last the dive) I just wanted to be in the water ASAP, luckily for me, the captain knows I’m alright so he told me to get out. See. Once your in the sea it all good, it’s what you are there for. Not bobbing up and down hoping to die in the next few minutes if there was a god. 



Happy happy, as down the line I drifted, all thoughts of sea sickness gone, nothing on my mind apart from this dive, this dive right now and enjoying it. As i descended i wondered what would be down there, would i at last spot a shark, or a pirate ship, or even a chest full of dabloons. Nah! We grounded and went for a swim in the rocks. I was armed with a camera as i find it pointless talking about something with no frame of reference for the people reading. However, this camera (with its water tight case) wasn’t. you will see what happens when the kit is damaged and corrupt (a couple of nice effects though). looking around for my buddy (who took a little more time than me descending,) we travelled together for obvious reasons (he’s logged hundreds of dives and his great big gold earring in his left ear made him LOOK like a pirate)  It wasn’t until about ten minutes into the dive i started to wonder what his reasons for being underwater were. I am sure he fell asleep on the seabed (I suppose its not called that for nothing) I seriously worried i was going to practice my rescue diving skills sooner than i would have liked. I kept trying to catch his eye every time he “fell asleep” so we could just swim and enjoy the sea life. 



The other two divers with us were a couple who were working on the island and had finally decided to take the plunge (figuratively speaking) she was all blond and bikinied, he was all foreign! they seemed to be natural underwater and really enjoyed it. I, on the other hand  was constantly looking back to see if my buddy had finally thrown in the towel and sucked water into his aged lungs (Really, i was a tad concerned that i was going t pull him out) but that wasn’t going to stop e enjoying the swim. An octopus was spotted (how can they shrink to the size of a golf ball to fit into a hole) our time at the bottom drew on, and as i checked my gauge, i was still in the good zone (Thanks Mark, they exercises and relaxation talk really has helped) so we swam around a bit more. Going up was pretty cool as we didn’t use the anchor line (My first time) as we surfaced i was a little adrift of the other two and the Dive Master Kate, my buddy was bobbing like a tilted corpse, but he gestured he was fine so we got onto the boat. 



Now as i said, i took my brave pills last night, just in case. So i was fine on deck. The blond bikini was not looking fresh at all. in fact the colour green never looked so good on someone else. She puked (Was i glad it wasn’t me!) and as we had to wait a little long for the other divers to return, she wasn’t good. Maria was the last person up and she was ill within seconds (another person who doesn’t take sea sickness tablets (thats what they are there for)). back to the harbour and de kit and a crack with the other divers who were also ill (I love me tablets)



Right, i needed to see Photos about nailing down the exact terms of our agreement, what i needed to do, what i was paying for, you know the basics. Well he sat down and looked like an officer talking to a complete idiot (which i suppose he is really) Calmly he explained that he had already explained that i was getting over a hundred dives and everything else and why had i only managed 19 as of today i should have logged a helluva lot more AND gone out wit every instructor and done EVERY dive i was allowed to do, so why didn’t i fro it all eh!!! (like i said, not so much a blocking (because i am paying him)) with the heavy heart of stupidity, i smiled shook his hand and never let him see i was mortally wounded by my thickness. Oh well, at least i have SOME sort of plan now.




For my friends and family, wherever you may be X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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