Hey you with the pretty face, welcome to the human race.

Not too hard tonight, 

Today was my first day of training, I mean i have had to set my alarm and rise at the ungodly hour of 0830 (i know its not that early, but i have to make it sound bad) anyway, on arriving at the centre, ready for parking in the car park just at the side, i came across the Cypriot delivery driver who has NO comprehension of anything even related to road sense. (Really,he would have been dangerous with a broom) he was stuck in a congested space, reversing with NO mirrors and wildly manoeuvring like a total idiot) So i decided to apply my hazards (A rare thing around these parts) and reverse out of danger heading to the public car park.Settling Bob down for the day i made my way back and waited the instructor.


Whatever MATT it is (Battle field first aid) it pretty was pretty much the same as the Emergency First Response i completed today. Apart from A,B,C and stuff like that, its ABCAB and that threw me for a while until i became aware that its all the bleeding same actually. I spent the first hour talking about the war in Kosovo with my Serbian instructor MoMo. Realising the conversation could go either way (He joined the Serbian Army just as i left the Balkans) I decided discretion WAS the better part of valour.  The lesson went fine and i did some amazing bandaging (Im always pretty good at covering mistakes) even my final exams were straight forward because of the military training i have received for the last 15 years.


Looking at the information i was required to read for the morning, i spent most of the afternoon sitting at the dive centre swatting up like a proper geek, I nay got through one chapter though (The book is a god damn Greek tragedy) The friggin Koran is less of a read, and the bible has a more believable story line!. So i sit here at ten o’clock at night, eyes like wee holes in the snow and only one more chapter completed (its doing me already!!!) but i must sally forth and complete the reading ………tomorrow in class. 


Im still trying to get the pics off my cameras internal memory of saturday night so you can see the mess i got into. At the moment, i haven’t found the cable, so you just have to imagine. 

To all my friends (wherever you are) X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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