Its not the way you look, its not the way that you smile.

Never too hard! 

I can’t believe i took a load of photographs last night at a drinking session with the Cydive crew and i can’t get them from the cameras internal memory without a lead. Suffice to say it was just like harking back to the good old days of leaving do’s within the LADS i have worked at where certain people have to drink lots of beer from various containers…Boots, Trumpets, Beresford tubes etc. Well this lot have a mask with a snorkel attached and a two pit container taped to the end, as you can guess the drink is poured straight into the container and down the snorkel. The unfortunate part is if you don’t lift the mask away for the briefest of seconds, you find you can’t breathe when you really want to, thus throwing most of the alcohol back out your mouth. In the great tradition of the REME, i did the mask in one and kept it all in!!! I wasn’t sure i wouldn’t be a bit ill later though, but a kebab sorted that out. 


A bit of crap news from Blighty. I sent my Driving licence back to my sisters house a couple of weeks ago with everything included in the envelope, Pictures, licence,Bike pass vert, cheque for £20 the lot. She sent it to Swansea for me as i didn’t trust the postal service here. She has just had it returned (AGAIN) well, an envelope anyway, with a letter inside saying i have to fill in this form so it can be processed (IVE DONE IT ALL LAST TIME) except the envelope only contained the letter,,,, nothing else, no licence, (The last time they diid this, they sent EVERYTHING back to me), No paper counterpart, no cheque, no photos nothing, and the envelope had a slit down the side so things could be extracted. Now if the DVLA have sent all the bits of paperwork back (as they should) some Pikey Bastard from the post rooms in the North has taken my identity. If anyone has had this done before, please comment at the bottom and inform me what you have had to do.


Today has been a school day as it taken me all afternoon to read up on my Emergency First Response (EFR) booklet. I know we used to do the same sort of stuff in the Army, but the civilian equivalent seems to be even more basic, but totally different to what we know. Anyway, I’ve past the knowledge assessments (This time reading the right parts Nikkie / Gareth) , I’m  ready for tomorrow morning 0830 . This morning was taken up with trying to find my car again, i leave it down the harbour somewhere and I’m always buggered if i can find it straight away, so as i looked i decided it was mojito time, just the one! eventually, Bob and i were reunited and made our way to the St Jason hotel for a suntanning session with Gemma and Jo. the strange bit was when i asked for a towel from the front desk, Nothing was asked about my room number or name, and when i handed it back in, the receptionist said i only hand them in every three days… i have a new towel. I don’t think it clicked when i walked out the front door into Bob and drove off. 


A big welcome to the world to my mates dogs puppies today too. Seven at the last count and all looked like the dad. Poppy just looked relieved they were out when i saw her, Jase and Caz looked like exhausted grandparents and Nero the dad was locked out the room because he was just too excited. I said i would mention them to the world, and now i have. Another seven mouths to feed!!!!! and poop to clean, Oh my! they looked gorgeous.


Pretty short and sweet tonight, the fun starts tomorrow and i may be able to get some dives into my logbook so i can start filling the pages faster but I’m not holding my breath (Thats bad in SCUBA diving anyway) 

For my friends (Wherever you are and whatever you are up to) X

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One thought on “Its not the way you look, its not the way that you smile.

  1. Would’ya just look at them puppies! Aww

    I’d ring dvla to double check they’ve sent everything and then ask them what to do next. I reckon it happens a lot



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