We are what we’re supposed to be, illusions of your fantasy

Not that long ago.

And the word / phrase of the day is “You’re gonna die”

Seeing as time was getting on in the week and i really did need to get a wiggle on and have a meeting with Photos (The boss of Cydive) I ensured i awoke bright and breezy, had a shower and a coffee then remembered i had his number. So as early as ten o’clock, i rang his office. His wife answered and informed me that he was out on the boat but suggested i rang his moile as he would be waiting for the divers to return. I got hold of him and arranged a meeting for 1430, 


Walking around the harbour, eating ice cream, drinking Coke (Its not the healthiest diet in the weld, but its hot) i eventually made it to his gaff just before time (A good soldier and all that stuff, you know) He appeared about ten minutes late covered in sweat, so i suggested a rethink of the meeting, we agreed that 1730 was a better time as it would give him time to get the afternoon divers sorted and give us time for a longer chat. At this i decided to complete my lap of the peninsula i haven’t walked for days due to company. Im sure it was never this hot (The air i breathed in was hot, you know the type when you put your head over a bowl of hot water to get rid of a cold or blocked nose) Unfortunately me lower arse decided to inform me with a “pluff” that i was in dire need of a toilet! So as i passed the Splash bar, i ran inside and locked the toilet door. What i can only describe as an explosion happened, I cat remember eating anything rotten such as rats heads or mouldy cats, but my body ejected this load as fast as a GPMG does cases on full flow. 


Picking Nikkie and Gareth up so they could get they’re feet chewed off by small fishes, i made my way back to the dive centre and waited, and waited a bit more (a coffee was proffered so i took it) as i stood, i convinced a couple of holidays to go diving (selling the stuff already) soon Photos tipped up and i waited a bit more. At last i was in. As i sat and discussed the opportunities presented I became aware that i would be doing a lot of learning and helping out in the shop itself. At first this was only a thought of mine, now its real it feels kind of strange. But at least ill get all my dives in when i want. with the details finalised i was told to start on Monday at 0800. Oh My!


Tonight i was invited to the Elysium for dinner by Gareth and Nikkie just to wind their holiday down as they hadn’t eaten in there because of the price, after looking at the menu, I’m not surprised, As a once in a holiday experience it had to be done. To be honest, it was streets ahead of the restaurant i raved about the other day. The chef should be given a michelin star for his creations. The starters (Gaspachio with bits of stuff and truffle oil) never had truffles before, nor for that fact gaspachio. The main was duck. I like duck, bt this was done exactly to my taste (even i couldn’t do that in my own kitchen), the profiterol sweet was so chocolatey you could wrap it up and serve it as a bar. Nikkies ‘White chocolate soup’ should never have worked, but it was amazing.


Lots of new words and phrases of the day were said during that meal, even the waitress got her oar in and showed her character which was nice to see as some waitresses are to stuck in their role to have fun. (and what she called her husband went beyond the pale) All in all the night rounded off a pretty cool day, not in temperature though .(Although it was redress and now the humidity is hitting the air) Deep dive tomorrow with ‘Nitrox’ (if i don’t blog for a couple of days, think the worst, ill either be in a decompression chamber sorting out a ruptured lung, or in a morgue with my sister flying over to pick me up) 


For all my friends (wherever you are) X 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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