You’re shattered by the final frame, of the movie scene that generates your every aim.

Gotta be easy…..(So reminds me of good times)

New one for the blog, Word of the day, “Clitically” (Yup, you read that right)


It was a late start today (Actually the latest in a couple of weeks), When i say late start, I should say late at getting out the flat. I was up early but just drank coffee and watched a film in bed (NO Mel, not porn) I knew i had a couple of things to do today, nothing major. Just time fillers really. So as i received a text from Tippy and Snorty telling me not to book anything for tomorrow night i decided it was the best time to leave. Now in the last few blogs, any pics of me seem to be sporting a rather dashing do (equivalent to a birds nest) so it was tie for a haircut.. My usual haunt (the only place where you can bump into a Geordie stylist who used to drink in the same places as yourself back n the day)


Now shawn, it was time to meet up with the two adventurers in the marina for a cocktail, (Oh yes, little pinkies and everything) a couple of Mojitos and it was time for the walk alone the harbour (You knew i would blog about this again didn’t you?) passing by the usual people that work down there  we were greeted with hellos  and stopped to talk to.(Ive been here for over three months and Gareth and Nikkie aren’t  exactly conspicuous, so we are remembered) Now as we were walking i was informed that they wanted to but a present for one of their friends back home. (Not being privy to prior information), they told me as we entered the shopping area that they really wanted a ‘Wooden Willy’ bottle opener. As Nikkie and myself trawled the plastic gun shelf, Gareth went to pay for said wooden cock at the back of the shop. Now he is a kind hearted bloke and continually carries the bag,/the man bag / the shoulder bag…….Its a hand bag!  with a purse! so he doesn’t at all, in any way, shape or form look like he should have gone to Rhodes for a holiday with his special friend Brian (I give you that for the amount of grief i get for wearing PINK shorts)


So it was time to try and see the boss of the diving place to discuss things, like can i get a discount, can i get a orange shirt and can i blagg some good gear. Unfortunately the inconsiderate bugger was driving a boat (Proper nautical term I’m sure) so that didn’t go to plan, but i did meet Patrick and Gemma and had a chat with them. Food time and a trip to an upstairs restaurant called “mare mare’ sorted the afternoon off with a nice meal. I got the duo back to the hotel with ply enough time to get a shower before the transport turned up t take them back o the marina for an evening cruise with fireworks and as much food and drink as you can handle (They will enjoy it I’m sure.) the last part of my evening has just finished with my sleeve being brought to a natural conclusion. Its now linked in with the lower arm and looks the shizzle. (ill regret it when i get the wet suit on before diving to the wreck on Friday) oh well, its done now. 


A bit shorter than yesterday (thank goodness i here you sigh) but if you can do me a favour and comment in the box at the bottom or perhaps let others know of this blog that would be sweet! i have started to get readers from America, Mexico, Argentina (Not too sure about that) Brazil and Germany. A few more wouldn’t hurt.


For my friends (wherever you are) X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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