I don’t want to see a ghost, its the sight that i fear the most, i’de rather have a piece of toast.

I like a ghost story……



That will be me passed my Open Water Scuba Diver Course. Now i have 5 more dives this week for the Advanced Open Water Course. Then its Heartbreak ridge for the next three months (6 days a week) probably 12 hour days constant courses and diving (Need 100 in three months) then I’m a Dive Master!!! Now if anyones wondering what that is, Ill tell you in 3 months as i haven’t actually been told what i can do with it, Apart from study for another couple of months to become a Professional Association of Diving instructors (PADI) instructor! (ME! A SCUBA diving instructor!!!!!!!!!) Even stranger than me being a Rock Climbing Instructor, and a Mountain leader (Summer) I’m 43, i should be drinking beer and eating pies, but nooooo, I’m squeezing myself into a wetsuit and playing with fish.


Talking of which (Now don’t switch off, I’m not suddenly going to tell the world that diving is the mutts nuts) but i lay on the sea bed today (because I’m FAT and couldn’t get my buoyancy right) so i played with a fish who wouldn’t bugger off. He just swam up to my mask and looked me in the eyes as though to say, ‘Who the hell are you? and what you doing in my gaff?” That tickled me because i thought, on another day mate you’d be sharing a plate with some fries and a slice of lemon. I did get some good pics though of the dive (you’ll see them here oddly enough) 


I have looked at my work load for the next coupe of months and have noticed a prominent gap starting last month all the way to December! so i feel i may have the time in my schedule to prance around in rubber for a while! You never know, i could be working somewhere where YOU might like to dive in about a year (Just in time for your NEXT summer holidays) 


Anyway, the day started with a bit of a panic as i neglected to dry my Daniel Craig’s, so taking a wet pair out of the washer and slipping them on wasn’t  the way i really wanted to start the day. Parking in my usual spot (possibly the furthest one way from the dive centre) i strolled (nearly skipping in a Peter Griffin manner) to the dive centre. As i didn’t have any books to look at i decided to play a game on my phone, noe=w th game i played has some rather graphic grunts and groans emanating from my speaker and i didn’t notice the family that had sat themselves down at the table opposite “Awkward!”


So now after my first real Sushi experience in  Cyprus i sit in front of Granny Smith and look the  course content for the foreseeable future (I feel i may die) Gareth and Nikkie were on usual from this evening with husband and wife sort of stuff (?) Im so friggin pleased I’m divorced!!!! (You know i love you both) I WILL say now, if my diary suddenly stops for a while, i have got myself caught up in a fishing net or stuck under a rock and have cocked my life up as far as i could! 


For my Friends (Wherever you are) X

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

2 thoughts on “I don’t want to see a ghost, its the sight that i fear the most, i’de rather have a piece of toast.

  1. Sounds great Adam, if you like water, which I don’t, I’m scared and I nearly die in the shower when I was my face..



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