Pick up the receiver, ill make you a believer.

One of the best bands.

My intentions today were to kick back, chill out and read my PADI dive manual (the first three chapters for tomorrow) Now its only a manual,so how long could the chapters be?) So now its 2130 and I’ve just finished chapter two. Bugger! the unfortunate bit is that when i finished chapter one, i realised i already knew all that stuff from my adventure dive!!! Bugger!, so in essence, I’ve wasted an hour or two when i could have been doing other stuff, Bugger! Not to worry (apart from the first part of the book that tells me i have to swim 200 meters and float for 10 minutes (its a bloody Military swim test, and i couldn’t do that either) reading a little bit more, it says i can use a snorkel, mask and fins but the distance goes up to 300 meters. Well, a quick purchase of said equipment and i spent a good hour (isn) in my pool swimming like a dolphin (until i got a bit carried away and looked at the lesbians frolicking on the lilo (yes REAL lesbians, not imaginary ones) i swallowed a lung full of water but completed the correct drills and sorted myself out (but i have to admit, i couldn’t really surface for at least ten minutes as i was wearing my Daniel Craig’s (and they WERE lesbians after all)

IMG 0309

Before that i had taken a womble along the sea front with my SPF 6 carrot juice splash all over (Im milking this tan for all its worth) Belly sucked in, shades on, man bag deployed and camera ready for action (I looked the shizzle) unfortunately the temperature rocketed up and the sweat decided to leave my body via every available route, it really looked like i had wet myself!! I was definitely in need of liquids, so a mojito and a pot of tea with my Fish and chips sorted that (I haven’t had fish and chips in ages) bread butter and mushy peas (Homemade though with my fork as they just don’t do them here) Walking along to the Cydive shop i bumped into Caz and Jase having a swift half! so a long chat to them and i was ready for the Snorkle and stuff.

IMG 0317

This evening brought an abrupt end to my swatting up as a text from the two reprobates (Now fully qualified open water SCUBA divers (i think they may have mentioned that)) and back to ‘Fat Mammas’ (I got it right this time Caz) The fish was a delight (But i still advocate a michelin star for the meal last night. I was all for going out and having a few sherbets tonight, but i suddenly remembered the course I’m on!!!! Bugger! so only one alcoholic drink (Oh maybe two then) shall pass my lips until Sunday when i finish in the sea. As i sit here now, i know i have another chapter to read and a load of quizzes to complete, and i have to continue my profile on the other page, also i need to ring my sister and find all my stuff for tomorrow (honestly, its like still being in the bloody army (last minute .com))

IMG 0337

For my friends (Wherever you are) X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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