Out the door, just in time head down the 405. Got to meet the new boss by 8 AM


My day started (as usual) with a late flurry of activity not really knowing what the time was and thinking Kim was going to be late for her flight. Well the time was getting on but for some reason i thought her plane was going to take off an hour and a half earlier than it did. Packing her cases took a couple of minutes as she had done the bulk last night after the Chinese, so it was get her flight kit and that was it really. Now you could tell the leggings hadn’t made it out of her suitcase since she got here as the uncomfortable look of material on her legs gave away the idea that it really is short weather here.


A drive to the airport and a cold drink at ‘Costa’s’ and that was it, she was off, as i left the car park, my thoughts turned to getting my gaff back into some sort of order now all the bags have gone and its just my crap everywhere. First things first, i had to book my SCUBA course so it was a visit to the harbour for that. The sun decided to visit the shops, (for a hat to wear) the sweat ran off me, not dripped, ran. Deciding it was too hot to drive, i lathered the factor 6 carrot stuff on and took a stroll. After about 50 seconds i knew, i just knew it was a bad idea but it was too late, i had shut my front door. 


Now I’m no archaeologist, nor do i profess to know much about geology, but the fact that my way past the cemetery was blocked by a fallen tree  seemed to validify  the argument for not planting trees and bodies in the same spot for too long. As I’m sure that the foundations of every good strong tree are best left alone and not hacked up to plant a relative under their favourite olive bearer. Just goes to show that pretty, isn’t always practical. Anyway onto the harbour, past my tattooist to book my appointment for next week then into the Cydive shop. Much haggling and negotiation left me with a pretty substantial discount, until i was told what stuff i needed, (that discount sharp disappeared) but its all booked now for this Friday (i suppose by Monday ill have been washed out to sea somewhere with a blocked breather or something bone like that)


Tonight took the three amigos to a local eatery, you know the type, all talked about by the locals as the oldest and most authentic local food source in Paphos. I must admit, i have passed it many times and wandered when i was going to eat in there as it always had the cooked meat aroma and seemed a welcoming place. Yeah, well, i don’t think we will be visiting that place again and I’m definitely not taking my sister there when she rocks up. I have had worse, but I’ve had better too, much better at lesser places.It was a disappointment (oh well) So a drive to the Lyceum to drop Gareth and Nikkie off then back home to my unsurprisingly hot apartment, all windows open, all fans on, all for nothing. You can still cook bacon on the kitchen floor. 


Well bills to pay tomorrow and i think i need to get some swimming practice i as i have just found out you do a military swimming test before you are allowed to take the course (I’m crap at swimming, but i thought the point of SCUBA is to allow you to enjoy underwater without the effort) Oh well! 


For my friends X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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