The seaweed is always greener,in somebody else’s lake

Only the parents.

It was a bleeding early rise to get to the CYDIVE shop for 0900 this morning (seeing as i haven’t been getting out of bed until way past 1100 so far, it WAS an early wake up. Monies taken from the bank as i may have had to pay fro this one, and everyone collated in the seats at the front of the shop. I slept, just as i would have done in the early briefings with the Army, I slept until we were called forward and something interesting was being said. With the old safety video to watch (Standard 20 minute death by the film makers)  then a plethora of forms to fill in. A medical form (how many soldiers just tick all the boxes that let you actually do the activity no questions asked) but civilians, jesus, civilians “Can i just leave that blank?, can i tick this box? what if i have……” you know the ones. The ones that just don’t think before opening their mouths. They have paid the money to do the bleeding thing, so why put obstacles in their way???


Anyway, Q and A over, flip chart seen and sorted it was time for kit issue. Now again, its not hard. The sizes have all been taken before hand and they are waiting for you just to put them on and wait for further instructions. Another 10 minutes after i was in my wetsuit, the others decided that some of the stuff didn’t fit. I was sweating in all that rubber. Now for the actual tanks and bouncy stuff. again another briefing on the equipment. Simple EDIP. but again, civilian holiday makers cannot grasp the simplicity of just listening of what they are being told (although trying to stand up on flippers in a tide that wants to knock you over is hard enough for the instructors let alone us!.) Once we were sorted one of the group had second thoughts and wanted to leave the water, a decision that was the right one actually as i don’t think they would have been happy in the depths we were going. so good for them for having the balls to do that.


Ive NEVER done anything like this before, but i am happy to do the extra two days to get fully qualified in the open water diver category. I know my dad was a SCUBA diver years ago, and now i see the allure. Highly recommend to anyone who is fit enough t do it. All the safety drills were carried out with military precision (i would have been disappointed if i had cocked anything up out there) the only thing i did have an issue with was some sort of being in my left ear, i thought it was something on my kit, but one of the there divers heard it too although the dive leader couldn’t explain it!!!!! This is a sport i cn get into.


This evening was sent on a show boat going out for a couple of hours with free booze and free food, and free entertainment, all for the price of a ticket of course. Now i was o the same boat a while ago and it had the fireworks shooting from mortar tubes from the back, this time it was moored a little way from its sister ship that had those on board. Again (as last time) i drank whatever was on offer and it did the business and got me hammered. Now as a rule i don’t drink too much, bt as i company over, i make an exception every now and again. Now i feel ill.


I hope the picture do the cruise justice (no pics of the fireworks I’m afraid) but we all know what thy look like. So today was all about the sea, under and on. I highly recommend the ON, but also the UNDER. 


To my friends X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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