Its eight fifteen, and thats the time thats its always been.


As today was set aside for doing nothing after the night before (Im still finding sand in places where there should never have been sand (and its 23 30)) it was way past mid day when the bed  sheets were thrown aside! Although there was still plenty to do today, it was deemed not sufficiently noteworthy to give a damn!!!  The first order of the day was to go and pre book a couple of things for tomorrow, namely SCUBA diving and a ‘Show boat cabaret cruise’  the SCUBA diving is primarily for Kim as she was afraid of the water when she first arrived, but as brave a trooper she is, after paragliding, snorkelling and generally enjoying her sea legs, she wants to get with the fish. (Good for her) a half day tomorrow in the harbour exploring the old ruins (No Mel, not me) and she should be all set to conquer the world.


As for the boat, I’ve been on the fireworks trip before, but apparently, this one is a new cruise with show acts and songs and dancing and free booze and free food (you have to pay in advance though) but if Fridays antics have anything to do with it, it will be worth every cent. So that was the summation of my saturday. Get up late do some stuff, then see what happens.

IMG 0281

Driving to Limassol isn’t  a chore anymore, especially now i know the correct route along the coast road and not setting a single wheel onto the motorway. As we passed Aphrodite’s rock, or cave or hill, or whatever else she seemed to have touched (or even heard of) we decided to take a few happy snaps to mark the occasion. Ive heard it is a lovely place to visit and the atmosphere can be soaked up for a while. Actually, as soon as we found a place to park (the car park has no order at all) and found our way UNDER the road to the beach, we came across a smashed litter bin which had up chucked its contents onto the pebbled beach, and with a plethora of rocks to choose from, we didn’t have a clue which one was supposedly the one where the goddess did what  she did.

IMG 0279

The Mall was the mall so not much to report from there, although the trip into the town itself to buy a ‘Trinket’ proved most impossible until we found a little souvenir shop that sold nothing but trinkets. Again trying to find something with the place name on is becoming more of a burden than carrying a “Speshul” person to a party and realising when you get there its an ‘Artistic’ event.  Limassol….Done.

IMG 0278

Back to the airport road and a trip to find ‘Bonamare’ now I’ve been there before, but during the day. At night its a different kettle of herring. The road signs don’t light up, and they die behind bushes and trees, so when i pulled into a travellers encampment, i realised my recognisance skills were fading fast. i ht the accelerator (as the smell of lentils and hash weren’t to my liking at all) and drove to the airport roundabout so i could start again. When i did eventually find it, the smells were as i remember. Fresh air and beautiful cooking, I had the chicken and Kim had the fish finger sandwich (Not Gordon Ramsey by any stretch of the imagination) but the food was plain and cooked perfectly with all the flavours it is supposed to have. 

IMG 0288

Back at base now sitting with a cup of coffee an contemplating the mornings activities (0900 at the sea front to get into my rubbers) and then a siesta for the night time boat stuff. I should be able to Bog tomorrow, but i cant really say for sure. It depends on the depths of stupidity i get to on the boat.

For my friends X

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