and i love to live so pleasantly, live this life of luxury.


It was defiantly one of the above today, with the prospect of a lazy river, a couple of hoops and a slide or two just to get the blood pumping. Following the frog wasn’t that hard after i realised i had made an erroneous turning and didn’t have a clue where i was, i just kept going in the hope that the road would lead me to my destination. Having manoeuvred around the roads (some of them even tarmaced) i spied what could only be described as a tap slide. That was it really, a  tall slide. Well at least i knew we were there. Cash payed (it wasn’t my turn to pay for todays activities) we entered the watermark and i was immediately informed that my accompliss didn’t actually like the idea of water on the face, ad the thought of sitting in a hoop on the water wasn’t her cup of tea either! I didn’t growl as hard as i could have because we were already in and i was going to enjoy myself. Immersion therapy was the only course of action as it WAS A WATER PARK after all.


A couple of hours later and Kim was happy with the water, even venturing down a rather large slide that at first she wouldn’t even contemplate. From there we went onto the harbour front to watch the SCUBA divers as to get a little more confidence in her so we could venture into the oceans eventually. After seeing the divers go off in a round robin of safety briefings, getting the kit on and going out we were happy to go to the shop and discuss what we could do. When we got to the question of swimming again, she crumbled. Again, i didn’t growl, i just thought what the hell!? but after a while talking to the dive instructor and the course owner, she agreed to try a mask and snorkel in my pool so she could at least get over the fear of drowning. (God knows if this actually worked or she will crumble again when she gets into the sea. (if that does happen and teddies are thrown, then I’m afraid its a long walk back to the apartment as i will be out swimming with the sharks somewhere)


Tae tonight was a mix of stupidity and pizza with Gareth and Nikki, they told me about an Italian restaurant that was ‘Just at the top of their road’, but unfortunately when we got there, there were TWO. The 50/50 was done and we picked the one that looked more fun.We were right, it was and the meals weren’t too shabby either.  Again there were HUGE portions and we had ordered the starters (as per) so i brought half me dinner home for breakfast tomorrow) Mind you that didn’t detract from the fact Nikkie and myself plumped for the puddings. Me a cheesecake and she a tirimisu. What they weren’t expecting was the two kids who had ordered them were going to plaster them on each others faces. …………….We paid the bill and left


Back at their ‘Hovel’ of a hotel (only voted the best in the WORLD 2006) we quaffed a couple of drinks, Nikkie and Kim had the ‘Pornstar cocktail (God knows) and i had a gay tequila sunrise, whilst Gareth chugged a Disarano and coke. Now after the HUGE complimentary Ouzo at the end of the meal, i was feeling it, you know that warm glow that means you could hag one on, but i still had to drive Bob home, and she doesn’t like a drunk taking advantage of her I’m sure. So now here i am listening to Jean Michel Jarre drinking a cold glass of Rose wine watching the planes come in a dn contemplating whats happening tomorrow. 


For my friends x

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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