Another broken dream they say all the time,

First line tonight. 80’s finest

I know there was nothing published last night, but the internet in Paphos had died a death worse than a Gladiator with a tiger!!  (pleas allow me the privilege of spelling mistakes and bad grammar as tonight I’m completely smashed on Jack Daniels and coke! I now have the company of three tourists from the motherland. Nikkie, Gareth and Kim.  yesterday was culminated in a visit to one of the most popular restaurants in the town, ‘Big Mammas’, a feast of American meat dishes or italian pasta dishes. I plumped for the gloriously named ‘Rattlesnake Steak’, the meat itself was of the highest grade of fillet steak (I would happily have paid over £40 in the UK for tis (and i have)) but i ruined it by slapping t with the hottest sauce they had! oh well!! her the ned of our meal they rolled out the mascots of the eatery, and if disney were around, I’m sure Big Willy and Woody would have had a bit of explaining to do


Today was the start of the adventure holiday for Kim, Her idea was to do all the things she was afraid of and immerse herself in the world of the sea. After a late start (later than planned as a two o’clock finish at Pambis last night curbed the early start)  we headed out to the Paragliding hut on the beach. Declining the chance of a lift on a jet ski to the boat, Kim decided we should walk along the front to the kiosk. Once there we were ushered along the walkway (not too clever i must say) to the floating jetty housing the boat (which is MUCH bigger than i imagined as i had only ever seen it out at sea) as soon as we boarded we were off, four other people were already harnessed up for th flight so we just sat and i took the mick out of Kim as she didn’t look to clever!. 


Eventually it was our turn so we harnessed up and tok the position at the back f the boat.Clipping ourselves onto the canopy we were told to sit down and wait for the off. as the line was paid out, i noticed that it wasn’t a wire rope (as i had foolishly expected) but a normal rope (or cord) you could find in any DIY shop. This disheartened me a little so i expertly studied EVERY clasp, join, harness attachment, knot everything just to make sure it was in good working order. The flight ? flat went fine, (Bloody hell it was high) and we seemed to enjoy the sensation of movement without noise ( abit lie parachuting)) Winding us back in Kim seemed to be happier that she had attempted something different.


Since the afternoon still beckoned, i decided a bit of culture was in line, so harking back to Blogs of an age ago, we went to the holes in the ground. Now i am quite aware that the heat around here has suddenly rocketed up past the forties, but i was still happy with the uncomfortable sweatiness of the Cypriot summer. Kim however needed to die in the shade somewhere so we left the holes and headed inland to my gaff for a siesta (I however watched ‘The Pink Panther’ then later not Pambis for dinner and drinks and watching the Olympics. 


So now I’m home, drunk, my face peeling from the other day at the beach, and feeling a bit shabby. Tomorrow is a day at the water park after explaining to the SCUBA diving shop that Kim CAN actually swim and she had gotten the wrong end of the stick when put under pressure by the question “Can you swim?” , anyway, we will see how it goes. (Got me new glasses too, bifocals, brilliant I don’t feel old at all!!!!)


For my friends. X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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