Go dry your eyes out, run your fingers through my hair

Great group!


To be honest, if thats all i had to say on today it would be enough.A trip to the sea side they said, it will be fun they said! It started at 0700 this morning with a cup of coffee and some crunchy nut cornflakes….(they really are irresistible you know) and a text from Nikkie(OR) Gareth, i really don’t know who i am talking to when they start. Apparently they were going to have breakfast at their hotel (A full English to boot) and they invited me over, well after i had killed a couple more Russians on my Xbox, i drove there thinking what to have. When i actually got there, all i wanted was another coffee, and perhaps a little spy at some of the hotties in the restaurant.


Beach time! driving to Coral Beach took us out to the west of Paphos, about 10 Km (I think)  and onto the hottest sands since the last hottest sands i ran on. The sun beds and umbrellas where the usual price of €2.50 each (And STILL people brought their own) after ensuring i lathered my body in factor white paint, i headed out into the sea. My usual hop skip scream and jump and i was in. If feet have toe prints similar to finger prints, I’ve lost mine! Now i was lingering around the deeper part as i needed a wee, but once again, my chances dwindled to nothing as i looked around at the bikinis and babes everywhere. Gareth joined me for a splash about (Not one of Stewies Sexy Parties) and we had a good old talk about nothing in particular, just having a good time. Nikkie had decided to get in later after she had sunned herself.


As Gareth went to assist Nikkie into the water, i realised how hard it must be to do what they do, Every credit to them both for just getting on with it!! Obviously i nearly drowned when She said her spazzy leg now resembled Joe’s’ leg from Family guy, it just floats. That cracked me up! In and out of the sea for the next coupe of hours, plastering the suntan lotion on my arms, shoulders legs, chest i felt assured i was going to be in a good state for Kim coming tomorrow, Obviously i didn’t suspect the sea would cause more damage than it already has to me so i ignored the tightness of my face after a while, putting it down to salt drying out on it. Pictures taken before we left the beach only set to confirm i had been a Twat again. My face was as red as one of Nina’s 99 Red Balloons!!!  I could have cried, but i think my tear ducts had crusted over.


Back in my apartment i jumped into a cold shower and lathered the after sun into my pulsating face. Then in about a minute, i applied it again as the first lot had been sucked into the skin like a sponge. bt needless to say, i made it back out for a Chinese meal at ‘Phuket’ Ive been told all about this place and believe me, it lives up to its reputation as being probably the nicest Chines restaurant in Paphos. All in all the meal was delicious, even down to the fact that Gareths “Phuket Duck” came wrapped in foil resembling the duck itself and was actually on fire (A fact that Gareth was consistently ignorant of every time he touched the plate to move it)


Today was a good day (apart from looking like some sort of giant stupid tomato boy (Mind you, Nikkie’s nose and Gareth’s shoulders look just as raw) So now I’m going to plunge my face in the cold water again and apply a cold compress (Hopefully i won’t drown in my bed) if I’m like this in the morning still, I’m an idiot. Ive been here Three months, i should have known better!!!!


For my friends X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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