Coz love cuts a million ways, chase the Devil when he misbehaves

One of my favourite singers.

Before i start tonights shenanigans, i thought i would tell you what happened when i put the mac away last night. I was just settleing down to watch the last few episodes of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ when the brightest light i have seen shot straight over my apartment building, There was NO sound and it disappeared off into the distance. When i say shot, i mean shot as in bullet fast. I know it wasn’t tracer as I’ve seen that in many a war zone and its easily spottable. That wasn’t the end, oh no, about twenty minutes later a reflection in my patio showed a similar light out the front of my gaff, but this time falling vertically at a much slower speed! Now as strange shit happens, this was strange, but then again i can’t remember if i mentioned in a blog a few weeks ago that we saw a strange light over the mountains here. if i did, then you know the story. If i didn’t then let me tell you this place is full of strange stuff!!!

IMG 0241

I decided to take Bob to the beach today, well as close as i could anyway. The need for this was to gig the big camera a thorough first outing with the surf and sand to see what she could do. I know the little one is still doing a sterling job, but the pixels are starting to die in the image viewer (My fault really as i kept getting soaked when the Med used to sneak up on me) some good pictures were taken (quite a lot actually) so when i see them to post on here, its the first time I’ve really studied them,(So if they are crap, we all find out together)

IMG 0252

After looking a bit suspicious on the viewing deck of the beach, by myself, with a camera, i quickly got back into Bob and headed into town. I needed supplies for my impending visit ad the only place to get them was the shop where i threw the coffee maker at the manageress!!!! After a pint in ‘The Rose’ to build up courage, i skulked into the supermarket. Hiding behind the peas (Well they could have been anything really, they don’t write ‘Peas’ on the tins here) I noticed they were quite a reasonable price whatever they were. i looked around for my Arch Enemy. She didn’t seem to be around but i wasn’t going to hang around too long to find out. Up the escalator to the bedding section and with prize in hand i quickly ran down the opposite one. There, Goose stepping along the line of tills she marched. Her beady eye being cast upon the lonely wretches that had dared to stray into her encampment and stare at her magnificent moustache. Needless to say i felt faint. I snuck around the back of the shop and back up the escalator to the top floor again. Getting a young assistant to scan the item (just to waste time in the hope Frauline Sellick would be called away to a toture chamber somewhere). When the assistant came back with a price that made my eyes water, i felt my feathers bristle again. Not only had this shop the ordacity to employ the Gestapo they now seem to think its ok to put the wrong prices on items of bedding. 

IMG 0262

I summarily frog marched the fledgeling brown shirt to the shelf where the offending item had been housed, she just moved it to another shelf and changed the price!!!!!!! I left with a lesser item, but the time wasted by this had the desired effect, The Nazi storm trooper had been tasked away back to Berlin or something. I slipped out unmolested .

IMG 0263

Feeling peckish, i wandered to ‘The Moorings’ for a steak sandwich, and a coke. As i sat watching the planes fly in and out (its sunday, change over day) I noticed that all the holiday makers where in their finest regalia. I didn’t pay too much attention until i started taking photographs of the skyline. ‘The shadows on the walls were telling me the sun was going down’. Of course they were all dressed up, it was late. My lasting memory of this part of my journey will be the three kids from an inner city  area (London i would say) Gives you some idea)) they were just larking around two lads and one lass. it all looked innocent enough, until the girl waked towards the road and seemed to verbally abuse an old couple walking by. Her scowl reminded me of one of the kids i had taught n Croydon, We called her Donkey (because of the face she pulled when she didn’t understand a question) Then her colleagues decided to throw rubbish about the pavement (after competing in a great contest of who could throw a stone the farthest into the sea)….Bright people! The girl was chastised by the guys for being inconsiderate to the old couple and the guys were derided by the girl for littering. I gave up and walked away. 

IMG 0276

Today has been Sunday! That is a fact! 

To my friends X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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  1. beady eye being cast upon the lonely wretches that had dared to stray into her encampment and stare at her magnificent moustache. Needless to say i felt faint.



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