Oh the rain came down on a cold new town as they carried you away

Back to the 80s (although technically I’ve never left them)

I made the trip to the airport this afternoon to pick up one of me mates and her husband, (Between them, they have seven limbs and a cracking set of jubilees!) Im sure they won’t be too unhappy with me saying that. Anyway, the plane was due in at ten past three in the afternoon, (or 1510 for all you soldiers) and i found myself still in the shower at half two, that doesn’t sound too bad, but when i should have sorted Bob out and given her a drink of petrol, it sort of makes for an interesting race to the airport. I shouldn’t have worried actually because even though it landed at twenty five past three, they weren’t out until quarter to. I did ask the security if i could bring Bob to the front doors as my passenger was sporting one sock too many  of a pair. Now the guard looked quizzically (can you guess what he did with his head?) his mate replied for him and said yes, but of course i didn’t trust these idiots one bit, so i decided just to let Nikkie and Gareth walk/ Hobble to the car park (I didn’t want to get shot)


Taking them to the hotel i drove along the marina and through some areas that might be of interest to them later in their holibobs. When we got there the reception realised the extent of the mountain they were about to climb as Nikkies bionic leg hoved into view, you see i had told them a few days ago of the impending visit of a “Spazzy Soldier” now they saw i wasn’t lying. A lot of flapping ensued with room changes and personnel service for the malingerer , eventually Gareth was shown a closer room on the ground floor, but this was paled by comparison of their original suite. so the decision was made (by Gareth and Nikkie) to stay in the original room with a small flight of stairs to deal with (Ill give them a week)

IMG 0236

As it was their first day/ afternoon, i said i would take them out wherever they wanted to get food, (Kim and Margret, you want to be reading this part) Deciding that the best place for the first meal would be in the marina (closer to the car park for Nikkie) we ventured into a fish restaurant (Odd that) and ordered the chicken for Gareth!!!! and the mixed mezzie for myself and Nik) now I’ve heard of these meals, and I’ve head they are a beast to get your stomach around. After the Greek salad and the multitude of dips (at least 10), the octopus, the olives, the calamari, the whole deep fried fish (Of course i just did the Adam approach and ate the fish as a oner, the Cypriot way is to eat the lot APART from the head as thats the yucky bit) it did taste a little better with humus (Now when i die, i do hope some intergalactic creature doesn’t deep fry me whole and dip me in dressing!!!) thats just embarrassing! The bloody food kept coming, cooked chunks of lamb in a thick sauce, chops, chicken, kebabs, i was stuffing myself to the gills and i knew i was going to regret it!

IMG 0153

We wobbled away from the harbour (The planks beneath us groaning  with the combined weight gain), and i eventually dropped them off at the hotel after a short trip around town to show them the places they can hire vehicles. Now I’m back on my balcony, bathed in the glow from the Mac screen in my pants again (No the mac screen isn’t in me pants) the breeze tonight is a godsend after the humidity of this evening and Ive just et my next door neighbours, an old Russian couple, she was straight in asking me how to get onto MY Wifi, he was more diplomatic (A colonel in the Russian airforce, and a test pilot to boot)  so he knew what i meant when i guided him toward the FREE internet at the pub down the road. Now oddly  they have gone to bed. 

IMG 0161

Today was a good day, fun excitement, old friends, new friends, and me and Bob getting another good run out. Oh I’ve found how to improve the look of my page as you may have seen, ill continue to upgrade it until its looking buff!, but if anyone has any suggestions, I’m open to comments.

For my friends X

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