Never again is what you swore the time before.

Only the most ardent 80’s fan will get this one.

Getting lost, making new friends, deceit, deception and a new tattoo herald the new blog for today. As i sit here listening to some ‘Chunes” from my past i can safely say today had its ups and downs in a big way. This morning the alarm screeched the advent of a new day and relentlessly carried on even after i hit it with all the force i could muster at that time in the morning. (Unfortunately i as hitting the wrong device) My Ipod now looks a little worse for wear. (I REALLY need those glasses) I was looking around the kitchen for breakfast when i realised the bread wasn’t a healthy colour (Oh it was full of penicillin ok but the thought of green/  blue toast just didn’t flick my switch)  I found a packet of cereal at the back of the cupboard and happily poured it into a bowl, my happy lol face changed when it filled a quarter of a bowl (:0)) at least the coffee tasted good!P1040055

IMG 0149

Anyway, my mission today was to go undercover. A decision that i must admit, i had misgivings about at first, but then i thought ,’Screw it’ it could be fun. Now i won’t divulge what the mission contained until i chat to the other perpetrators to see if i can ignore the “D” notice! but suffice to say it went off without a hitch and the deed was executed to perfection. I needed to be at a garage later on so after i returned from the mission, i bade my farewells and meandered up town for my meeting. Albeit i don’t wear a watch now so i was obviously late/ early (you take your pick) but the guy wasn’t there.

IMG 0047

Shopping was the only resort until later in the day when he would inevitable be finished his siesta and had gotten his lazy arse back into work. Wandering around Debenhams blokes department was a sorrowful sight indeed, stuck in the seventies and prices hiked higher than a sixty year olds trousers, i picked a “wheres wally” shirt and left. As i was departing the department store (see what i did there) i received a phone call from my tattooist asking when i would be at his gaff to get more ink. After getting severely lost (I really don’t know how that happened, I hadn’t gone anywhere different via the roads) i ended in the town centre and parked Bob at her usual haunt (€2 all day attended car ark, Try getting that in the UK) i went into Splash Tattoo  and settled down for more pinching skin.

IMG 0218

So a day that had showed me strangers could become allies, it showed me that you can’t aways trust your inner sense of direction and it showed me that i all eventually be happy with my left arm (But not for a while yet anyway) had rounded itself off with homemade pasty and chips……Ideal!

For my friends X   

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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