Aint no sunshine when she’s gone

Okay, thats the name of the song, but who sang it and what film was it in?

This morning was lead by the need to see. As i have grown older and hung out in the sun more, my eyesight has deteriorated (Not in the last few months, but the last few years) its only now that i notice the worsening when i sit at night and type these Blogs. Drifting form long distance to reading distance my eyes won’t focus and i feel myself pulling my glasses down the bridge of my nose and moving the screen further away. So the opticians it was. Amazingly the eye test is FREE (I will never turn down a free offer) and the frames were a reasonable price. The conclusion of the optician himself was a look of shock when i told him how old i was, i think he was expecting a lot older when he recognised my eyes were buggered. Back in England i had been forewarned of y impending need for Varifocals, i wouldn’t OR couldn’t afford to get these glasses as they were going to set me back a small fortune (with normal frames) All in all, (With designer frames (Yes real, not fake)) they are going to come in at a little under two thirds thee price. Bargain all round.

My usual wanderings around the harbour and marina (I really don’t know what the difference is there)  lead me again to my old ice cream shop. I haven’t been in there since i stood for five minutes (about two weeks ago) and no-one came out to serve me, but today the usual girl was standing and she smiled (well I’m a sucker for a smile) so tub in hand, i meandered around the crowds for a little while waiting to get back to Bob, so i could drive to the Elysium and talk to them about young Nikkie Maxwell and her second story Villa, with no lift. As buying her a pair of socks would be one too many, i thought it prudent to inform the hotel of her feelings from my phone call to her last night. As i always say, the locals will bend over backwards to make your stay  here as comfortable as possible, with a friendly smile and a genuine interest in your happiness. That was the hotel sorted. Now i wanted to see a place i had been told about.

The drive to ‘Bonamare’ takes you all the way back to the airport, its about 15 Km away and the last three hundred meters were down a dirt track. I was expecting something different, but this place was a different as you could get from the hustle and bustle of Paphos.  Merely a shack that has had a bit of work done and a patio that lays out towards the sea, you have a few tables outside (The car park is a dirt patch) Not brilliant food (But certainly not bad) but the whole thing revolves around the tranquility and the laid backness of this place. Soft music playing (Jazz, swing, reggae) but in tones that add to the ambience not detracting from it. In the distance you have a beach where it seems only the locals go to (and not many of them) and the place was an eclectic mix of young/ old, British/ German/ Cypriot, in fact it was such a diverse crowd i will definitely be going back in the evening sometime just to watch the sun go down (apparently its one of the best places to get a great sunset)  The WIFI is free and has a strong signal too, so be prepared for pictures as soon as they happen.

Coming back home i bumped into my neighbours and we just got chatting about what was going on around the island, (That tok about an hour and a half) so that rounded my day off nicely (I could tell you about the neighbours but suffice to say the mother is from Cramlington (Not too far from my home town)) and the daughter is married to a guy from Chester (who evidently gets beaten up be Sunderland supporters) Don’t ask. But the conversation would jump from one topic to another. so to tell you al about them in depth would be long. so i shall keep that for another time.

Today has been EXCELLENT, and more to come I’m sure

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