I bought an ‘A’ to ‘Z’ guide book, trying to find my way to Oxford street

Easy one (Paula you still guessing sat night?)

As I sit here tonight (Just polished of a Padana pizza from Pizza Express) all i can hear is the caterwauling of drunk women from the flat beneath me after their BBQ this afternoon. People are still milling around (No problem with that (at least there is NO music)) now the kids have started letting their parents know they are tired and want to go home. I must admit i wanted to throw something wet and cold on the BBQ earlier on as it was lit without care to anyone else on the complex (I had just put me washed whites out) At least this time they are ‘Suveners’ and not North Yorkshire folk like the ones in the fish restaurant asking for a sunday roast.

My trek has taken me on a moonlight visit t the main street tonight, The day time had been spent driving around looking at some beautiful sights to take photos of (Well it would have gone a little better if i had actually taken a friggin camera and not left it on the bench next to my front door) Anyhow, it gives me a chance to revisit tomorrow. Now the Marina takes on a new patina at night. The lights, the dress, the caliber of people actually change (Or seem to change) during the darker hours. Not like Soho, its a more formal time here. Evening meals being taken with more care than the chips and ice creams through the day and the trousers worn out will probably never see the light of day back in the countries they came from. I did however visit the hotel my friends will be staying in as of saturday when i pick them up from the airport. The Elysium is phenomenal, looking behind the girls on the font desk you spy plaques put up from every holiday guide naming it one of the best in the world. I really didn’t believe this at first, but walking around and taking pictures, you could just see the time and effort that has gone into making the guests stay a perfect one. I was allowed to take as many snaps as i wanted, and they even allowed me access to the room (Unfortunately the YTS employee (With a little less brains than a really stupid bloke)) trailed me all the way to the room and realised he hadn’t got a key for it. I left it at that.

My tattooist was still in his shop when i popped in to see if Jason was still there, but he had left quite a while before hand (One of my major flaws is to switch my phone onto airplane mode whenever i am listening to music as i just get annoyed with the constant interruptions when i walk past a WIFI place and receive notifications that someone has fed the cat on FB or eaten a Danish on Twitter) I love knowing what people are up to, but not in the middle of an 80’s fest bopping along to Haysi Fantayzee. (If i have spelt that wrong I apologise profusely Kate) So i wasn’t aware that he was getting inked until too late. Walking (after a good old chat about my new design) i wandered down the main walkway into the harbour area. Passing by  Pizza Express, i just had the hankering for a Goats chess and caramelised red onion pizza (Now i love this Island, but the flavours just aren’t the same as back in Blightey……They are better) so the pizza tasted a bit different to what you are used to (Get over it is my credo now) As i waited and enjoyed a free glass of pepsi (The barman / manager said he thought i looked like a good guy) a group of men came in to discuss their bill (Now i will not mention creed colour, religion or Nationality (Ill let you decide))

The bill had come to over €400 and the manager had agreed to knock the price of the alcohol and the puddings (A small saving of over €60, not bad) but one of the gentlemen wasn’t happy at all, as the party started to gather behind him (family and friends of around 15-20)  he started arguing that they had told the staff three time that they were vegetarians. The manager said (very apologetically) that he was aware of different cultures and religious reasons why some people are vegetablists. The guy said that they could easily just walk away from the restaurant and ignore the bill, The manager retorted that he could easily call the police. This was getting interesting, but my bloody takeaway order came and i was ushered out i case it kicked off!!! ill find out tomorrow what happened!

Walking back to Bob, i passed a number of folk i regularly see on my wanders through the day, They ALL stopped what they were doing and chatted to me for a minute or two before they let me go on (They know I’m not  tourist, they just wanted to chat) I love this place! Its friendly, Its sunny, its different to anywhere I’ve been really. Opticians tomorrow, and this time I’m taking my camera to the sights i forgot today!

For my friends XIMG 0151IMG 0167IMG 0184IMG 0179

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