We could be Hero’s

No need for this one guys and girls

I know i was going to write last night, but you know what? i came over all patriotic and watched Danny Boyle’s totally amazing extravaganza. If you were on twitter you would have seen the madness that was going on there too. Didn’t quite get the IKB at first but when the theatre was looked at as a whole, it was fantastic, “Ah, Mr Bond!” Sheer class, I mean getting Liz to play herself was beyond belief. Ok so the meandering in of some of the athletes (Some countries new to me) dragged on a bit longer than it should have, but nice to see Afghanistan and Iraq in there, No seriously, The West has itself to thank for the inclusion of these countries, if it wasn’t for our Forces, ,maybe they wouldn’t have had the freedom to enter the teams they have, I for one, am pleased with that.

So two days to fill, well to be honest I’ve spent most of the time either on the phone or on the net checking things out, and actually speaking t my daughter face to face. (Its her birthday today, she’s 9) The money i sent across and the card i got from moon pig actually got there on time and she is chuffed to bits with both (I asked her mother to get a present that Skye actually wanted, and not something a dad would get)  Moving on, a wander down the harbour the other day revealed a couple of surprises, things i really hadn’t noticed before (Although admittedly, i wasn’t looking for them) The first was a boat busy being built around the back of the harbour. A few weeks ago i had seen the grey husk of a shell and thought it would be a big affaire, but now in the latter stages of construction, you could imagine Captain Nemo paddlling around Paphos bay.P1040018P1040021

Not quite finished

As around the coast, more towards Coral Beach i fell upon the epitome of Holiday beaches, all umbrellas and tourists burning in the heat, chips and beer with the odd splash of coke for the kids. Lilos and  speed boats were the order of the day with a few swimmers venturing out into the ‘washing machine’ Cars were strewn all over the car park in a touristy manner and empty food wrappers littered the place (enough bins yes! enough brains, no!) anyway, even though the drive there takes around twenty to thirty minutes (depending on the way you go) i only stayed to take a couple of snaps (i just didn’t want to stay there) The road hand railing the beach toward coral bay opens up a whole load of natural sights to photograph, wether they be inland or not.IMG 0062IMG 0065IMG 0056


Back to the marina and i stumbled (I do this a lot) upon a red bull tent. Now the last tme i saw one of those, it was full of Red Bull dancers in the skimpiest of skim pies during a 24 hour Enduro event with the Army. That was the event where we turned up late, with one bike, one and a half riders and no spares. During the morning after the night before, as i laid in my camp cot steaming, the wind picked up and blew the 18 by 18 foot tent into the heavens. Once the lads sorted it and nailed it down, we could hear all the other tents doing the same!. anyway, there were NO dancing girls, but it was advertising an event this weekend with bands and fine art (Only in Paphos) IMG 0079IMG 0087IMG 0082

As for today, as i said earlier, i watched the Olympic Opening (remember we are 2 hours adrift of the UK) so when i did get up i only ventured far enough for food and milk. The rest of the day has been packed solid with absolutely nothing measurable at all. albeit conspiracy theories on the net, and talking to my daughter, now watching a couple of films until i get out and about tomorrow for a Photo fest of some beautiful places i haven’t yet seen.

As the line in the film states” It will all be alright in the end, and if its not alright, then it is not yet the end” Thats my new tag line!

For my friends x

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