Who wants to live forever.

Group and film if you dare!

Sunday, ah the lazy hazy days of summer and as its the lords day, i sharnt do a thing. Trouble is, I’m not the only person in the world am i, there is always someone else who wants to butt into your time and steal precious moments away from you. Well this morning (I had unset ALL my alarms and was looking forward to waking up in the afternoon sometime) but my phone went off anyway, I looked quizzically at the infernal thing and my brain just couldn’t get to grips as to why it had gone off. Donning my glasses, and ripping the pillow away from my face, i looked at the front and realised someone was calling me. Its a new phone and i don’t know what button it is to answer, so i just blindly stabbed a finger at it and hope for a result.

Ian was calling to ask me where some paint was and the ladders, (I looked at the time it was 0815) WTF? i told him the paint was at the house and the ladders were in my spare room then he informed me he would ‘pop’ around and collect them after he had had a cup of tea at his mates house!!!!! Obviously it was WAY to easy to leave me alone until later AFTER his tea at his mates house, but i just had to start my sunday off on the wrong foot!!!

An hour later, and my wishing machine was emptied and refilled, my floor had been mopped, next doors plant had been watered, coffee had been made and Sunday sun downloaded to my iPad (I told you i was down with the times) He came to the door sweating, and i was just in me pants (Yes it was hot then) a glass of water later and he was off to do some painting in the heat!  I looked around at what i had accomplished in that hour, that hour that i will NEVER get back on my sunday morning laziness!!! Reading about the idiot at the film premiere, i was taken back to ……..Oh bollocks, I headed back to bed.

My second rising lead me to get into Bob and take her to town just to see what was occurring, it WAS a sunday and the holiday makers were changing over, the streets were empty they must all have been packing their rooms and suitcases full of tobacco and alcohol. The afternoon seamed uncannily cool and it wasn’t until i actually bothered to look up that i noticed the clouds had covered the sky. The temp had plummeted to 31 degrees (I know its hot for the UK, but compared to the Bellus heat ( Old sci fi fans will get the reference) it is a veritable ice age and my god was it worth it. Trouble was i had lathered myself in factor 30 and looked like a cross channel swimmer, All for nought!!!

This is just to let Christina know that the coldest day here is still going to be warmer than anything you are going to get over there. In fact my Air conditioning unit doesn’t go down to as low as your warmest day so far!!! (That really was a gloat) But at least the evening is cool with perhaps a lot of humidity to come which will make it even more uncomfortable to sleep in tonight. As for the Med, it was a little choppy and very cool today, just nice for a plodge, but i wouldn’t go swimming iP1030994n it as i would probably lose me wallet again. You are all fantastic people for following this diary, please, if you can, get others to have a look, it won’t do you any harm and it will get me heard a little more around the world.

P1030995For my friends! XP1030427P1030657

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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