The Tide is High!

Easy one tonight

Today was going to be a bugger, i knew it was as i was going to spend most of the morning down the beach swimming in the sun (Again), so my first action would be to get some hard core sun cream. `Looking around this morning, the thickest i could get was SPF 30, that would do!!! The beach itself was on the way to the airport, and i only knew that when a bloody big plane flew in just to my right whilst driving, cutting the hedges I’m sure. The car park was little more than a muddy patch, but that didn’t matter, it was the sea i was after.

Going through the restaurant (amongst the trees) you hit some pallets on the dark coloured sand (if you are looking for white pure fine beaches, don’t go there) but tis is the beauty, because its NOT picturesque, tourists stay clear. Most of the swimmers and sun worshippers were local and at €8 for three sun beds and two sun shads, its not a bad price either. Within seconds i was down to my Daniel Craig’s and pool shoes and off into the surf. (I stayed upright because the slope of the sand isn’t as severe as Coral Bay), but the saltiness was twice as bad. I could even float, something that i have NEVER been able to do before. Walking out about between 60 and 100 meters the sea never got to above my chest, I’m sure i could have ventured  towards the breakwaters further out, But as i KNOW there are horrible bitey stingy things out there i just contented myself with splashing around nearer the land.

As i swam back in, the breakers followed me in a Poseidon sort of way, I’m sure they snuck up on me from the other beach (The Med is stalking me) The tide was doing its best to play mini tsunami where our sun beds were, and we had to move them back a few times (the only pace on the beach where the water was coming in was the 10 meters we were on) Deciding to be kids, Jase and myself dug channels to drain the pools, honestly, it was like a couple of ten year olds while  Caz enjoyed the sun and watched her husband turn back time. A €5 Mojio was the only alcohol i could be bothered with, as when i jumped back in the sea, i felt a little queasy (and i didn’t want to be sick around me as i knew the fish would be on me like in a flash) Eventually it seemed all the pleasure boats on the island converged onto our slice of beach, tourists jumped off them and splashed around just outside the breakwaters and looked like they were having a good old time.( bitty things)

After i fell asleep on the sun bed (I ensured i was lathered in factor 30 so i didn’t turn myself into pork crackling) i dreamt i was doing something dodgy in the sea with a mermaid (I hope it was a mermaid and not a seal, or dolphin) it was time to leave. I took a few pics of the inside of the restaurant  and got into Bob, driving away about a mile i looked for my wallet…………Gone , Bugger, i did a totally illegal U turn across the central reservation and sped back to the beach. It went where we had been and i quizzed the girl who was working there, she hadn’t seen it either. Well thatP1030970t was me totally goosed now as it had everything in money wise! walking back to Bob, I was called back as a woman who had heard about the missing wallet had said she had found one bit didn’t know what to do with it, I could have kissed her moustachioed face. I examined the contents and low and behold the cash pouch was empty. No matter, i had my important cards back. I really hope that whoever has taken the cash (only about €70) spent it on something worth it, like some dodgy crack and is now lying in hospital with hemorrhaging of the arteries and with only hours to live in destitute agony (I HATE THIEVES)   

P1030973Anyway, that little blip didn’t really spoil my day, its been good! 

P1030976For my friends XP1030979P1030985P1030990P1030992P1030993

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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