So needless to say, Im at odds and ends, but thats me

Tricky but doable, song and group!

This morning i decided to cut away from “Twitter”  Since i started ‘Tweeting’ a while ago, it has started to get all serious and political. I have no problem with people venting their spleens or even putting their opinions forward for discussion but what i did object to is when YOUR opinion is derided by others because they differ from someone else’s, normally the person who is always ranting about trivia or something else and doesn’t like anyone else to have an opinion. They HAVE to turn all their unwavering stubbornness (sometimes) utter stupidity and ignorance onto one person. So i have deleted my twit lists and am just going to post this to the wider audience in general.  If anyone has a problem with my reasons, then you are probably the reason. 

Anyway, Moving on. Today saw the culmination of many drawings and hummings and harrings involving my sleeve tattoo, I envisage a rose garden climbing up (or down) my arm with various branches and tribal backgrounds, possibly hiding a creature or two by the end of the sleeve. I have sat through three hours of intense pain today (only while I’m being inked of course I’m a wuss) and have had the first flower planted, another week or two and ill have the full bush(!!!!)

As i looked out of the window while i had tears in my eyes, i saw the “Splash Bar” now that was a place i WILL visit for a night in the future, its a bar,,,, with a pool in it and i don’t mean a little paddling pool, i mean a huge pool where someone will probably end up dead in if they drank too much first, but the bikinis were everywhere, and some of them even fit properly. Although the heat here is getting more and more stupid by the day, actually living here is acclimatising myself so i don’t really notice apart from the sweating. (i have now started to freeze my drinks thanks to Caz) 

The last thing i have done today is look at a painting job for the next couple of days, inside and out, this place needs done ASAP. So thats my day, not done my walk, or eaten my ice creams nor paraded along the sops waiting for people to look my way. 

For my friends XP1030930P1030931P1030935P1030206

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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