MacDonalds,MacDonalds, Kentucky fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut !

Don’t care, Big Mac meal SMASHED!! (I can SEE the fat and carbs, but it tastes NICE)

(Group and year anyone?)

Today hit 60C . Now the last time i experienced that was in Afghanistan, in summer, in the middle of the desert! All around Paphos, you can hear the groan of hundreds of thousands of air conditioning units trying to cool down holiday makers and locals alike. We all know the electricity bill will be astronomical, but at this time i don’t really think anyone cares.

This morning started at 0500 (thats still night time for many people reading this) coffee on and (Domestic Goddess that i am) bed stripped and in the wishing machine (yes its still Wishing my stuff clean (Never frikin works though)) and then some time spent trying to get my licence scanned and printed so i can send the original back to Blighty because the bloody photograph is about to expire. This took most of my prep time as i just couldn’t get the right size print (i thought it wasn’t available, i didn’t see the scroll button) So after half of Epping Forest had been destroyed i got it right, then being the clever git i am, i decided to scan double sided, Another forest expired and i eventually had to leave to go to work. 

FEAR NAUGHT HQ heralded Jay, Caz AND Bart, their next door neighbour who was having a run out too. Now as pool dudes go, i was totally out done on the outfit! Both blokes were sporting Trade T shirts, and red shorts. I did mention that if it became uniform, i would run away!!! I was sporting me Super Dry shorts, because i had a feeling i was going into SOME pool today, wether it was one i was cleaning or the one in my complex when i got back, it didn’t matter, but i was going to get wet. You would think that starting at 0600 (Still night time UK)  we would have missed the sun, well by 0700, it was hot, I’m not lying, the heat is now becoming dangerous to inadvertent people who think they will be fine. By 1000 it had peaked at 61C. 

Any road up, finishing work at 1200 has its perks, by 1210, i was in my pool (the looks on the holiday makers faces when i just stripped off and jumped in was priceless, they really don’t know who i am), by 1225 i was in my cold shower, well as cld as the laws of Hydrothermodynamics allow in this climate. By 1235 i was on my balcony quaffing freshly squeezed coffee and chomping down on hazelnut and chocolate croissants, By 1245 i was on me bed with the air con on full crack as i was dying. An old mans half hour (well two and a half actually) and i woke in a panic as today was the day i was getting my paperwork for Bob. Hastily dressing for the occasion i spent about twenty minutes trying to cool Bob down as she had been sitting in the sun for two days solid with the windows closed. Im sure if i had put a sausage on my from seat………………., i would have looked a twat!

She is now officially in my name so we can play together whenever we want with out fear of anyone repossessing her, someone will undoubtedly smash into her in the next couple of weeks, but thats Cyprus driving. I spent an hour or two looking around the town for some sort of shopping mall that i had been told about, driving around running the petrol off gets annoying when you can see where you’re supposed to go, but can’t get there. as it was, i eventually got on the right road, but missed the turning, so i dived into a garage and was just about to do a U turn when i noticed i was actually on a duel carriageway. I know i want to blend into local life, but driving like a baffoon wasn’t really my intention, so another fifteen minute mess about trying to get back on the right road ensued.

All in all, a productive day with interspersions of terror and dread and heat, my god the heat, i know i take the mickey about the weather, but i have to admit, ………….you can shove your rain up your…….

(its that hot, the glue keeping my memory card together has just let go and its fallen to pieces)P1030923

P1030927For you all X




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