Look my eyes are just holograms, look your love has drawn red from my hands

A bit more refined (Song title and Artiste) P1030905

P1030898P1030879P1030907Today was really  all about the suffering and pain of the night before. Randomly starting with my iPad pinging a friend request at STUPID o”cock in the morning. Way before my alarm was set to go off (Both of them) and a little before the sirens went off in the town (I was taken straight back to Afghanistan and the nightly air raids, i worried for a second or two until i was mistakenly informed it was the tsunami warning (with made me even more worried)) Eventually i pulled myself off the ceiling and resumed my chat on line! i 

P1030885After my bed was stripped and all the whites piled into the wishing machine (yes its a WISHING machine) i put it on the longest hottest wash i could. As it started to spin in a washy machine sort of way, i remembered i hadn’t  put any powder in, or softener. (you know the basics) so i contemplated the futility of the wash and thought sod it, let it go. Coffee on, croissants heated, I breakfasted on my balcony watching the constant stream of Ex Pats strolling around in their shorts and flip flops to the local shop for the Sunday papers (you can’t let go of EVERYTHING now can you/? ) I smiled at the routine they have all built up and  thought about what i would be like in a year or two, then i read MSN news on my iPad. (sipping my freshly ground Java, munching on my reserve (NOT JAM) filled butter croissants reading the web, i must have looked the epitome of nouveau Riche, (If only)

P1030789Time to work! I stood outside my gaff and waited for Ian to tip up so we could finish off the job we started yesterday, now i wasn’t going to put money on him turning up as he was worse than me last night (and had received some heartbreaking news) I wished i had taken my other phone as the games on this Cypriot one are totally beyond my ken, and are impossible to follow.As  was about to give up and text him, i saw the van along the road. We were on. Im pleased in a way that he suffered as i did, it gave me a sense of smugness that i had left the party a little later than normal, but still at a reasonable time as not to look like him!! Stopping off on route for fluids, we got to our destination at around 10 O’clock , just as the sun had moved its orbit and had decided to hover about ten miles above the bloody house we were painting. 

I struggled not to drip sweat into the paint pot thus thinning it more than required, After the initial sanding down (about twenty minutes) i was soaking. Ian wasn’t much different as he was outside in the direct heat, i was in the bedroom dodging it as much as possible. Another couple of hours of cutting in, base coats, and a couple of coats on the needier bits (along with moving a frikkin queen sized wooden sleigh bed around the room with all the other clutter people have in a big room) and the job was complete. I felt  I had lost about 50 litres of fluids so i drank like a thirsty thing for about ten minutes. As Ian came in to help me put the radiator back on the wall, he asked why i hadn’t had the Air Con on? (I had painted around the frikkin thing aswell) I had NO answer, i just felt like an idiot. 

Today was the hottest so far this month, and i have been reliably informed it will get hotterer. Oh My!! Pork chop dinner sorted, i bade farewell to Fi and Gemma (I’m hoping i got the names right) as they are off back to sunny Britain :0( Today has been a good day, full of busy, work and friendship, Days here look better all the time. Although I’m getting up for half past five tomorrow morning (Just gets the day over quicker), so if i have a spare in the afternoon, i shall go and wet my feet at my favourite sandy beach. (failing that, i will look for the gravity hill, where water flows UP the gradient!!!)

For you all X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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