Absinthe makes the head hurt longer!

OMG no song titles / quotes or guess games tonight as I’m extremely drunk! (DONT READ THIS ITS ALL BOLLOCKS)P1030874

P1030881As i have already alluded too, I’m a bit worse for wear tonight as i have just enjoyed the delights of the “Caz Bar”, my mates roof top drinking den that has offered many a drunken night with a lovely spread of food made by Caz herself and the bar tended by Jase. Tonight saw the coming together of a load of ex pats and they’re kids (all over 18 i must say and we drank to the good health of everyone there,I unfortunately took a bottle of the “Green Fairy’ (that will be the Absinthe then) and proceeded to drink a shot with me old mate Ian. I can remember the last time i drank this stuff and i should really have taken notice of it, as i now feel as rough as a  badgers. 

P1030886Other shots included Tequila, and Ouzo. sprinkled with lots of Jack and coke (with plenty of ice to calm it all down). As i sit here writing away, i can still see and here the party going on, i would love to have stayed but by the spelling on here , i wouldn’t have stood a change of getting up at 0930 in th morning to paint the inside of a house in 40 +degrees of heat.

P1030894Today started  with a toilet seat changing in the local pub, that took all of ten minutes with me having to start the whole job again after Ian got a bit lost with the instructions, and then a car tipped up with a problem opening the bonnet. As a mechanic, you would think it would be easy, but believe me, when you have wire  that has come undone and a bonnet that just won’t open, its a bugger. After that we took a drive to our next location (after seeing a local girl who had had a lot of drama the night brefore (thats where i met the Mod Plod) in  a bikini!!!!!

P1030896Anyway, the house we attended as absolutely huge and in a beautiful location, ‘The sea caves” some prep work done today and the rest will be completed tomorrow morning. Back to tonight. As i said, I’m a little inebriated and the only thing heeding e pit here is the spell check thing, bit iy won’t do grammar! bugger.

P1030897I apologise profusley (again) for the state of the blog but i will pay for this in the morning I’m sure ( i hope the pictures are better than the words)

P1030900I have gone through the text and retyped where ei found mistakes lol

P1030884For yu all X

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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