Next time you go walking in the rain……


I have come to embrace most of the Cypriot culture, the friendliness, the hustle and bustle, the anarchic way of doing business but the one thing i don’t think i could ever get to grips with is the way the idiots drive over here. I passed my bike test before i moved out here with he intention of buying a Harley (My mate has one and they DO look and sound gorgeous) but as i have observed many drivers, and riders going the wrong way up the roads (A,B and Motorways) riding on paths with more passengers than is physically possible, Ignoring traffic lights, flaunting nearly EVEY traffic law in the book, edging into the middle of the road across pedestrian crossings way before the lights allow. I have decided i shall never buy a bike over here. I have all the equipment back in UK and i have been asked by my family if i will ever bring it over when i visit home again,,, NO, No i shunt, I shall keep it all there and hope that when i return, i shall purchase a machine that allows me to use the skid lid and bike kit again.

Today saw the final payment for Bob, she is now officially mine, or in reality, I’m hers. (no its not too weird, i have to buy her petrol and spend all my cash on HER) so in a way, I AM hers. My first thing was to get the log book changed into my name and then drive her to the nearest petrol station as she was driving on the film of fuel lying on the bottom of the tank. This is a fuel station that still lets you sit inside the vehicle while someone fills it up for you, its brilliant, and this time the guy decided that my windscreen was in need of a wipe. I must admit, after he had done it, i drove around the corner and put my wipers on!!!! glad i didn’t give him a tip!

I was pointed in the direction of a garage that specialises in air conditioning systems for vehicles as i am seriously considering getting one retro fitted. I was expecting a price of between €1000 and €1500, the actual price quoted was €200 for the job and possibly up to €300 for the unit, Damn right its getting done ASAP. I have shied away from mentioning the weather so far, but I’m melting, i really am melting. Im sure i have shrunk!!! it is half past nine in the evening and I’m sitting in me pants outside on me balcony trying to get some air (and i don’t mean jumping)

On a different subject, my office is now up and running with the addition of the final piece of equipment. A printer. I know everyone has one, but now i can continue to get stuff done and amended across the world, its one of those wireless ones that you all have back in Blighty with an email address and a fax machine hidden in there somewhere (except i haven’t got a number) bugger! e-mails it is then.

With a trip to the Euro shop, more brushes and painting stuff acquired, and a trip to get an application form for an official pool cleaning course,P1030864 my publishable day has come to an end. I bid you all goodnight (if you read this later, or good morning if you wait until the morning to read it)

P1030716For you all XImagesP1030862

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