When you find yourself walking through hell, Keep walking!

My trip to Aiya Nappa didn’t quite pan out as it should have today. Apart from not really having a clue where it is, whilst driving down the motorway at 70 MPH with my roof off, windows open and blowers on cold, it was still firkin red hot. I checked my temp gauge as often s i could just to make sure it wasn’t Bob overheating, but it was just the ambient heat i was driving through!! As i got into the mountains, the temp just rocketed up and i had to abort my mission and head into Limassol.

I’ve come to recognise Pafos as my home for now and the town itself is comfortable, friendly, light and breezy (if you can call a place that) but Limassol just seemed so……Dull. Flat and dark, boring and swamped with far too much tourism. The sea front road (duel carriageway) stretched on for about 7 Km and did not vary one bit. Ships (tankers) were moored around 800 yards off the shore and looked like hulking wrecks destroying the view! At least here in Pafos the only ship you can see for miles is the wreck stuck around the bay near Coral beach!!

The town didn’t differ that much from the town here, old streets, old shops and old people going about their lives without a care. New shops mixing with the traditional hovels selling junk. Although one part of the town centre did sport a load of designer shops, tiled floors and silver mannequins everywhere. I didn’t like it! I’m sorry, but there was something about the pace that said ‘No’ to me. However, on my outward journey, i did happen across a shopping mall in the style of the “White Rose Centre” in Leeds. I just had to stop and browse.

Yup, it was just like the place in Leeds, full of different cultures arguing about what to eat/ buy/ wear!  The unusual thing about this place was the Ice Rink on the bottom floor. I mean an Ice Rink in Cyprus, in a shopping mall. Cool. Spying the food court, i decided upon a chinese, (as i haven’t had one for ages), it wasn’t brilliant, but it wasn’t the worst i have tasted. Asking a dusky chap if i could have his spare seat (as the table i had chosen had NO seats at all) was like asking him to let me loose with his wife for an evening. The offending chair held his shopping bags and he point blankly refused to help out, as i was still in a triumphant mood from the episode yesterday, i felt my plumes bristle. Telling him exactly what i thought of him and his defiant attitude, i slid the chair out and let his bags hit the floor. He wasn’t happy, but i knew, i just knew it wasn’t going any further! i sat and ate my crispy duck with a sense of achievement (I’m fighting the good fight for ALL Englishmen abroad (we are not the aggressors every time, there are just a lot more prats out there than we expect))

Driving back along the old coast road, i drove through green fields, polo pitches and council houses, I had found the UK Garrison at Akrotiri, it was like a little piece of England had been deposited in the scrub! i did laugh at the Britishness of the place, but then again, it must be a descent posting for three years. Coming back into Pafos, i informed Jay and Caz of my forced return and subsequent popping into their BBQ at the “Caz Bar” Once again the food and the alcohol wP1030813ere second to none and i left with a full belly and a slightly fuzzy head with the Jack and cokes,

P1030817For you all XP1030819P1030821

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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