He sir? He? He?!

Meet Bob, Bob is my little blue friend, i brought her home today and gave her a drink and a place to stay. She’s brilliant, €33 to fill the tank and €18 for a years tax. You just cannot argue with that. Apart from the fact that it took about 15 minutes to put the bloody roof up tonight. In the dark its not funny. As an aside to that, i did catch a red 4X4 with four dodgy looking locals driving around the complexes  obviously looking for something to nick. Hmm! I’m pleased Bob has an immobiliser, and takey out radio! (with one friggin speaker working) but that will get sorted I’m sure. AND it won’t play my Ipod!!! Balls, its going to cost me isn’t it?

Anyway, my day was spent mainly in the garage waiting for Bob to make an appearance. Half an hour in Cyprus may not equate the same time aspects as the rest of the developed word, so an hour later, and a cup of mud (the locals REALLY need to sort out they’re coffee) consumed, i made my excuses and left for proper food and drink. Now just up the road (a little passed my old Blogging cafe) stands a ‘Tea for two’. I find there are three of these in the town, and I’ve been to all of them, its like an ‘Aunt Bessies’ take on McDonalds. I did, however have a Steak and Kidney pie with chips and peas with gravy and a cup of tea. How British was that?but it tasted homely. So when i was full, it was time to meet Bob.

Sitting in the garage again, discussing the pointlessness of National Service within the Cypriot Army with Nicos the salesman, i must have wasted yet another half hour before he said that the car was waiting outside for me (it had been there all the time he just wanted a cat) I sat in Bob and thought i would take her for a long old drive around to the beach an the up the hills to see if she could make it!. Well i did the hills, i just couldn’t be bothered to go to the beach for a splash around (another day) a short trip to the shops, a drive along the front, and a forage into the old town made me happy with her. 

Tonight was a trip to the ‘ Queen Vic’ for a spot of bingo, obviously I drove because she needed a run out during the dark to see if we could see the road. All good, the back seats are big enough for two adults, the windows need cleaned on the inside, but ill get that done. All in all, today has been good, I have a new friend (no its not sad Mel, she is my car and my lover also (in a dutch accent)) Talking of Dutch, i have been steered towards a Rap Techno group called “Die Antwoord” by a friend of mine on Face Book, This friend happened to be the better looking half of my favourite 80’s group ‘Hasi Fantazee’ Kate Garner, and now I’m downloading this groups album and am going to plug it around Paphos. It sounds a bit clubby!!! Anyway, today is done!

For you all! XP1030793P1030795P1030794P1030797P1030796

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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